Hana Kuk wants to win Most Improved Artist

17 Dec – Although she won Best 10 Songs and Best Female Artist at the JSG Gold Best 10 Music Awards last year, Hana Kuk said that she does not expect to win the same title again this year.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who appeared at Metro Radio recently, shared that she would love to win Most Improved Artist if there is one category she is aiming for.

"I hope that I have made a lot of progress as a singer from last year," she added.

As to whether she would have a chance to win Best Female Artist again, Hana said, "I don't think so. It was great to win it last year, so I don't mind not winning it again."

On the other hand, speaking about her skin irritation that plagued Hana during the Tung Wah Charity show earlier, the singer said that she is currently taking steroids and antibiotics and will be on treatment for six months.

"I have talked to many of my colleagues about it and it looks like a lot of them have the same experience," she said.

(Photo source: Hana Kuk Instagram)