Grace Chan wants another child as soon as possible

29 Jan – Grace Chan is not against the idea of having another child in the Year of the Rat, as she hopes to give son Rafael someone to play with in the future.

In an interview with Mingpao recently, the actress who is still partly on hiatus from work to focus on her son and family life, shared that she does plan to have another child as soon as possible, as she didn't want a big age gap between her son and his siblings.

"I have a twin brother myself, so I do believe that a child will have more fun if they have a sibling that is nearer in age. The ideal amount is two or three children," she said.

Asked if she prefers a girl or a boy, Grace said that she would be happy either way, though having a daughter would be the most ideal.

"If you can have a pair, you can already call it a day," she added.

Looking back at her life in the Year of the Boar, Grace said that her biggest achievement was becoming a mother and learning to be a wife who takes care of the family.

"I also learned to cook Chinese food and improve myself in that area," she added.

Asked if being a housewife is more difficult than her acting career, Grace smiled and said, "No. Seeing the whole family eating happily with the dishes that I prepare for them, it really makes me happy."

(Photo Source: Grace Chan Instagram)