Gordon Lam: Cheang Pou Soi loves his trash!

11 Oct - Last year's HKFA Best Actor Gordon Lam revealed that his new movie, "Wisdom Tooth" is the most painful for him to shoot to-date.

As reported on Singtao, the actor who was filming the Cheang Pou Soi movie on a rooftop parking lot in Kowloon Bay recently, shared lightheartedly that the director has been "abusing" him since day one, even on his birthday.

"I have to shoot in a garbage chute, in all the places where there were lots of rats and cockroaches. I had to shoot for over 19 hours and then go on a shoot for a water scene for more than 12 days," he said.

Gordon said that Cheang loved shooting at a garbage chute so much that he sent 15 vehicles of garbage to an old building for a scene. The actor also had to spend his birthday filming scenes where he had to go through trash next to a gutter.

"I even had several fight scenes. I am sick and swollen all over, I'm just lucky that my skin hasn't had any reaction," he said.

When asked if his birthday wish is to not film any scene near trash again, Gordon responded, "No. I'll still do it if the director wants it."

(Photo Source: STheadline)