Georgia Officials Told Rick Ross He Can’t Hold His Car Show This Year. He Plans to Anyway.

Rick Ross says he’s “the boss,” but not according to one Georgia county.

The rapper just announced he was planning to host the second edition of his car show on June 3, but his request to hold it has been denied. In a letter dated May 16 obtained by Robb Report, the Fayette County Department of Planning and Zoning said that the proposed use of Ross’ residence is not in compliance with the county zoning ordinance.

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The letter states that although he was allowed to hold a similar event last year, the county believed the scope of the event had changed. The permit he obtained in 2022 characterized the event as a “horse show/rodeo/carnival and/or community fair,” but the office has determined that the event scheduled this year does not fit that categorization. “A plain reading of the phrase… does not anticipate a car and bike show,” the letter states.

The letter also cites “sheer number of individuals expected” to attend the event will result in such traffic and noise that aren’t “consistent with the purpose of a residential zoning district.” There are also safety concerns, as the magnitude of the event will be “overwhelming to public safety personnel and County infrastructure currently allocated” to the area.

“The emergency resources necessary to ensure proper function of an event of this scale are not anticipated in this district and therefore are not easily dispatched,” the note reads.

In late April, WSB-TV reported that some of Ross’ neighbors signed a petition against the show, citing the heavy traffic last year’s bash created: “It took me 40 minutes to get out of my subdivision,” a homeowner told the station.

However, Ross doesn’t seem to be deterred. He said in May 17 videos posted on his Instagram stories that the show is still on. He also said that he will have a remote-controlled car and plane show next month, and another car show the following month, and possibly a dog and horse show after those events. “That’s how y’all wanna do it, that’s how we can do it,” Ross said.

The website for the event said that all ticket sales are final and non-refundable, with no returns permitted. It isn’t clear what will happen should the event not move forward.

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