Forthcoming Children’s Book, Maxwell, Celebrates the Power of Imagination, Childlike Wonder and Storytime

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Maxwell by Jeremy C. Gredone and illustrated by D. Sherene Offutt is due to be released October 5, 2021 as a hardcover and eBook. Maxwell is a unique children's book that celebrates the power of imagination and dreams. It’s a story about transcendence, and the extraordinary blossoming out of the ordinary. It is about the timeless and ever-expanding bond between parent and child, and the priceless lessons of love they hold for each other. While Maxwell is primarily created for children, parents will be delighted at the extras designed with them in mind. Truly something for all ages to enjoy!

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Maxwell is a beautiful and groundbreaking story that reminds us all to embrace imagination and experience the world in wonder as through a child’s eyes,” said #1 bestselling author J.J. Hebert. “The author and illustrator have spun a brilliant story, with vibrant illustrations, that celebrates story time and brings it to a whole new level. I highly recommend this book to children and parents alike!”

Maxwell is an interactive story that allows children to become part of the story. The purchase includes a 40-page children’s picture book as well as a separate 28-page “time capsule” book that can be passed down through the generations as a keepsake, making the product completely unique. The time capsule book is stored in a pocket (and completely removable) in the back inside cover of the hardcover.

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Maxwell endeavors to inspire not only children, but adults as well,” said author Jeremy C. Gredone. “Parents get a concrete gift all for themselves; a meaningful present that later can be passed on to their children. This is the embodiment of the ‘Chain of Life’ theme; a time capsule of love if you will and a bit of a twist on the children’s book genre. This tiny layered mystery is a big part of what makes Maxwell a unique and necessary story to tell; a gift that keeps on giving to all ages, ideally for generations to come.”

The story of Maxwell is based on a true story. Gredone explained: “Maxwell the spider was real. We shared an adventure together. For two amazing weeks, this little spider and I interacted in such an incredible manner that I can only believe that he crawled into my life to give me the gift of a wonderful story, that he was making a statement for spiders everywhere, that he was symbolic of all that is wondrous that goes unseen.”

Maxwell will be available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and other fine retailers for $19.95 (hardcover; 9781684017010). Advance reading copies are available for review on NetGalley.

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