Fasha Sandha blames nobody in recent filming accident


3 Mar – Fasha Sandha is not blaming anybody in the recent incident that resulted in an injury to her left eye.

On 2 March, her rep addressed the accident that occurred during the filming of her new drama, "Anak Tuan", saying that the actress is currently taking a rest after her hospital check-up.

"As you all know, [Fasha] is a spirited actress and committed to her work. I am sure she is strong. The production team has already apologised to her and the family, but she said that nobody should be blamed since the accident was unexpected," said her rep.

It was also revealed that the actress sustained a left orbital fracture as well as bleeding from her left eye. Fasha will be transferred from the specialist hospital in Johor Bahru to one in Kuala Lumpur.

In a video that accompanied the said post, Fasha could be heard screaming in pain following the accident, which occurred when she accidentally hit her head on the sharp corner of the bed.

The scene had actor Azhan Rani dragging Fasha into the house by her hair and throwing her into a room, before she could be heard screaming and the actor immediately running into the room to help her out.

(Photo Source: Fasha Sandha IG)