The 'Who is Erin Carter?' Finale Doesn't Tell Us Who Erin Carter Is

Who is Erin Carter? is a wild ride from start to finish. The new Netflix series follows an unassuming mother with a shaky past. After surviving a grocery-store robbery, Erin's past comes back to haunt her. To others, she’s just a dedicated wife and schoolteacher. But in reality, Erin is far more complicated (and perhaps, dangerous) than she seems.

Since its premiere on August 24, fans have devoured the series. Each episode comes with its own twists and turns, but nothing can prepare you for the explosive finale. In the seventh episode, Erin works with an unlikely ally to save her family, but her plan grows increasingly complicated by the minute. If you haven’t watched Who is Erin Carter?, consider this your final warning to catch up. Below we’ll break down the plot, Erin’s elusive character, and what happened in the jaw-dropping finale.

Who is Erin Carter?

After disarming a group of grocery-store robbers, and murdering someone in her classroom, it’s... uh... clear that Erin Carter is not an ordinary school teacher. But who is she exactly? Well, the details of her past are a bit murky, but she’s trained to kill. After her neighbor, Emilio, witnesses the classroom showdown (it was self-defense, OK?) he blackmails her into assisting in his own shady activities, which lands Erin on the radar of a dangerous gang.

As her day-to-day life becomes more entangled with an underground crime ring, Erin is forced to find a way to protect her family while keeping her identity a secret. As expected, it gets complicated. Suddenly, Erin’s having shootouts on her lunch break, and sneaking around the city while her family thinks she’s at work. To make matters worse, all the fighting and violence makes Erin experience creepy flashbacks to her childhood.

By the time we reach the finale, Erin’s history is still unclear. All we know is that she used to work as an undercover cop. Until a second season is released, (we’re looking at you, Netflix) Erin's backstory will remain a mystery.

What Happens to Erin?

In the Season finale, Erin wakes up in a hospital, after jumping from a bridge to escape a shootout. At this point, her family is beginning to catch on to her suspicious behavior. Erin even catches a glimpse of her daughter, Harper’s family tree project for school, which is largely unfinished because she knows so little about her mother.

With her world crashing down, Erin is tempted to tell her family everything. It would be the sensible thing to do, but she simply doesn’t have time. After dodging her family's questions, she hunts down Emilio, who has somehow gotten into even more trouble. When she finds him, Emilio is being confronted by Daniel Lang, another parent from Erin’s school. Before she’s able to step in, Daniel stabs Emilio.

Later on, Erin and her family attend Emilio’s funeral. Afterward, she sends them on a trip and stays behind to tie up loose ends. Then, she’s confronted by Lena (a gang member). Still reeling from their last encounter, Lena approaches Erin at gunpoint and threatens to kill her. Erin then drives Lena to a remote site where she buried the gold from a heist they’d worked on. After grabbing the loot, Lena shoots Erin in the stomach and runs off. Erin survives the hit but is stuck nursing a wound while her family’s safety is at risk.

What Happens to Erin’s Family?

Despite the chaos, Erin’s family manages to make it out alive. Toward the end of the episode, Harper and Jordi are kidnapped by Lang and taken to his boatyard. Thanks to a well-timed distraction, Erin is able to sneak into Lang’s layer, kill him, and save her family.

Afterward, they embark on a vacation in an attempt to forget the last few days. But Erin is brought back to reality when she runs into her old boss, Detective Jim Armstrong, at a bar. To her surprise, he’d like to work together again. “All holidays must come to an end,” he says, before the credits roll.

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