Elizabeth Tan will return with three new songs

30 Nov - It's been a while since Elizabeth Tan released a new song, and now the singer is ready to make her comeback.

Speaking to the media at the launching ceremony of Viu Original's "W: Two Worlds" recently, the singer revealed that she is planning to release two new Malay singles and one English song for the year 2024.

"I will be releasing them each in January, April, and July. That is the plan for the time being," she said.

Elizabeth, known as Lizzy to her fans, stated that she actually took a break from singing due to her anxiety issue.

"I think I have declined shows for the past four to five years. I even met with a psychiatrist due to my condition. But after a long rest, I will return as a singer and I hope that people will still accept me after such a long time," she said.

She also admitted that she has learned to not put a lot of stress on herself and to just take it easy.

"I want to get back to singing because I want to connect with my fans again. Singing is a good platform for me to meet a lot of people. I want to have fun on stage," she added.

Elizabeth is part of the Malaysian adaptation of 'W: Two Worlds'
Elizabeth is part of the Malaysian adaptation of 'W: Two Worlds'

(Photo Source: Elizabeth Tan IG)