Elaine Ng confirms that daughter has left home

13 Sep - It was reported that Etta Ng, daughter of former Miss Asia Elaine Ng has left her home.

As reported on Tencent, Elaine recently confirmed reports of Etta's departure, saying that her daughter has left the family home for some time now, and that there is nothing that she can do since Etta is now over the age of majority, which in Hong Kong is set at 18.

Age of majority is determined as the moment when minors cease to be considered children, and assume legal control over their persons, actions, and decisions. This means that parents or guardian's control and legal responsibilities over them are thus terminated.

However, Elaine shared that she and Etta are still keeping in touch and that she was told that Etta is currently living with her friends and teaching Putonghua to children for money.

Elaine shared that she did offer Etta basic necessities prior to her departure, but that her daughter has decided to leave and make it on her own instead.

"The house is always open for her. If she feels like coming back, her mother will be here welcoming her," she added.

(Photo Source: sina.com.cn)