Eison Chai's rep to help family travel to Taiwan

19 Aug – Following news of Eison Chai's death, his representative stated that they are doing their best to help with the situation.

As reported on Oriental Daily, Zhao Shanyi, the general manager of Phoenix Talent Company, stated that the company has urgently notified the actor's family in Malaysia and assisted them in applying for relevant documents as well as for their travel to Taiwan.

"We are deeply saddened by the bad news, and we will fully assist the family in handling the funeral and financial matters," he said.

He also revealed that since Eison is a Christian, they will be holding the funeral rites according to the religion.

"We will let you know the exact date when it is confirmed. I will consult with the family members and find a way to meet the needs of fans who want to bid their farewell," he added.

As for Eison's wife, actress Hitomi Wang, Zhao said that the actress is currently still grieving, and hopes that everybody will give her some space.

"I believe that anybody who encountered such a tragedy will be speechless. Give her time to heal and relieve her pain."

It was on 17 August that it was reported that the Sarawak-born singer-actor, who rose to fame after winning on "Super Idol 2", fell to his death at a building near the Luzhou MRT Station in Taipei. He was 40.

Eison has been married to Hitomi Wang for two years
Eison has been married to Hitomi Wang for two years

(Photo Source: Eison Chai Instagram)