What does your favourite durian say about you?

Ah, durian. It’s one of the most polarising fruits in the world— you either love it, or you dislike it so much that just the thought of it nauseates you. Lovers of durian are sure to be familiar with the different variants available, ranging from the sophisticated Mao Shan Wang to the more classic D24.  

Regardless of your durian preferences (or lack thereof), Bumble is here to help you banter over durian. In fact, according to a nationwide survey conducted by the brand, more than 1 in 2 (54%) Singaporeans are likely to consume durian this year, 1 in 5 (20%) of whom expect to be eating durian with a date. This durian season, find someone to share your love for durian, or perhaps to banter with over your contrasting tastes.

Why not try hitting up a roadside durian stall as a fun and unique first date idea? You could even consider visiting a durian cafe, such as Ms Durian in Jalan Besar or 99 Old Trees in Outram Park, if you’re looking for a spot where you can sit and talk over delicious durian desserts.

Before you meet up with your date IRL and bond over the sweet scent of durians, have you ever wondered what your favourite durian reflects about how you like to date? Keep reading to find out! From the list below, pick your favourite durian and discover what it says about your dating style.

What is your favourite durian variant?

bumble durian - Mao Shan Wang
bumble durian - Mao Shan Wang

A: Mao Shan Wang
It’s no wonder why Mao Shan Wang is arguably the most popular and sought after durian variant in Singapore. This durian is extremely rich in taste, and its ultra creamy and buttery texture melts in your mouth when you bite into it. It packs a bittersweet punch that you just can’t get enough of—every bite invokes a feeling of luxury within you. 

bumble durian - D24
bumble durian - D24

B: D24
D24, which dons a pale yellow hue, is a classic durian variant that you can easily find everywhere. It perfectly balances out sweet and bitter flavours, and its milder taste makes it less jelak than its richer counterparts —you could eat this for days! Take a bite into a D24 durian and you’ll be enraptured by its soft and buttery texture.

bumble durian - Golden Phoenix
bumble durian - Golden Phoenix

C: Golden Phoenix
Don’t be fooled by the Golden Phoenix’s smaller size, it still boasts a delicious and complex piquancy. Compared to other variants, the Golden Phoenix durian has a more watery texture. Its sharp bitter taste and pungency gives it an acquired taste that may not appeal to some, but those who love it appreciate its unique robustness and flavour. Plus, it has smaller seeds, which means that you can enjoy more durian flesh in each bite!

bumble durian - Black Thorn
bumble durian - Black Thorn

D: Black Thorn
The Black Thorn durian is one of a kind. Its flesh is sweet, fruity and luscious with a slightly alcoholic aftertaste. The colour of its flesh ranges from a paler pinkish yellow shade to a darker golden orange hue, depending on the maturity of the durian tree. Black Thorn durians have a lighter texture that is often described as being “custard-y”. Plus, it has almost no fibre, giving it a satisfyingly smooth and silky mouthfeel!

E: The Durian Hater
It doesn’t matter how much your durian-obsessed friends try to convert you into a lover; durian has always been and will always be something that you can never convince your tastebuds (and nostrils) to enjoy. Attempts at transforming durians into popular desserts are futile too—it doesn’t matter how many durian cream puffs, durian cakes or durian tarts or society tries to push on you, all of them sound equally unappealing. Durian simply isn’t something that rocks your boat, and that is the hill that you will die on.

The Results

If you chose A: Mao Shan Wang
You are The Sophisticated Sweetheart! You have refined taste and appreciate the finer things in life. You are not afraid to splurge on quality and are willing to wait for the best things to come to you. You have a strong sense of self and know what you want in a partner. You are drawn to people who share your passion for excellence and will not settle for anything less.

If you chose B: D24…
You are The Classic Lover! It shows that you value tradition and time-tested things. In dating, you may prefer a more conventional approach to romance and relationships and appreciate partners who share your values and beliefs. You may also have a sentimental side to you and enjoy nostalgic experiences with your partner.

If you chose C: Golden Phoenix…
You are The Charming Companion! With your captivating charm and warm personality, you create lasting connections in the dating world. You are in search of a deep and meaningful partnership, where love, support, and shared goals are the foundation.

If you chose D: Black Thorn…
You are The Seductive Mystery! It shows that you have a taste for the unconventional and enjoy exploring new and different experiences. In dating, You may also value individuality and appreciate partners who have their own unique quirks and interests. You value creativity and originality, and may enjoy exploring art, music, or other forms of creative expression with your partner.

If you chose E: The Durian Hater…
You are The Distinctive Romantic! In dating, you have a specific taste when it comes to dating. You may be adaptable and flexible in your approach to relationships and appreciate partners who are easy-going and open-minded.

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