What is digital detox and how to go about it?

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What is digital detox and how to go about it?
What is digital detox and how to go about it?

12 Sep 2021: What is digital detox and how to go about it?

Smartphones and other gadgets have engulfed our existence with over 80% of users indulging in social media and other stuff within just 15 minutes of waking up, as per an IDC study. But, now a trend is spreading its wings steadily to counter this addiction: digital detox or fasting. Aamir Khan went that path in February this year, and experts say you should, too.

Details: Before going into digital detox, inform your family members

The superstar had taken this step to concentrate his ambitious project Laal Singh Chaddha, but you can do it without any major reason. Digital detox is basically staying off your gadgets for a couple of days. Simply lock your smartphone, tab, etc., and relax. Of course, inform your family members beforehand, else they will be worried when they wouldn't be able to reach you.

Fact: A counseling psychologist shares why digital detox is necessary

"One of the important reasons behind opting for a digital detox is that those who have an addictive personality, often get obsessed with using gadgets continuously, throughout the day," Ranjana Roy, counseling psychologist, told a portal. And, this has a bad impact on your life.

Information: This British start-up is offering a stay in off-grid cabins

The concept is gaining traction as several start-ups and communities are launching various programs to enable digital detox. Like, Unplugged, a British venture, has many off-grid cabins where you can stay. Started last year, the cabins are located near London and five other places. Co-founder Hector Hughes said all their cabins were booked through last summer. "People really just want a break," he said.

Fact: A direct result of lockdown and spending time on screens

"This is a direct result of lockdown and spending...time on screens. We put cabins an hour from city life. People go and literally padlock...phones in a box. We give them a map and a Nokia and leave them to it for three nights," Hughes said.

Digital detox challenge: 'A mobile is a good servant, but a dangerous master'

Meanwhile, back home, an Ahmedabad-based Jain community started a digital detox challenge this July. The top 10 winners of this 50-day "digital fasting" challenge, in which participants must go off gadgets for 12 hours daily, would win a free tour to Shri Sammed Shikharji, Jharkhand. "A mobile is a good servant, but a dangerous master," the program's tagline read.

Try these tips: Here's how you can go ahead with this detox regime

It is better to take baby steps if you are planning to go on this regime: -Start by turning off the notifications. -Next, switch off your mobile phone for some time every day. Pat yourself on the back if you're able to abstain from it successfully. -Also, don't spend time indoors throughout the day. Instead, spend some hours socializing and outdoors without a mobile.

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