Denise Ho remembers Anita Mui on the 17th anniversary of her death

31 Dec – Denise Ho recently took to social media to share her thoughts about her late mentor Anita Mui on the anniversary of her passing.

On 30 December, the singer-turned-activist posted a couple of old photos of her with Anita, stating that it has been 17 years since the pop diva passed away.

"Today I am three years older than she was when she left, but in any case, she is still older than me in my memory and will always be my favourite. There are so many clips with her... and even today I can't believe too much about the accuracy of the pictures in my memory. But the earliest ones are the clearest."

She recalled many memories that she shared with Anita, including one of the singer refusing to eat pork after watching the movie, "Babe".

"But she loved to eat dumplings, so when she put the dumplings in her own bowl, everyone just laughed and didn't say anything when she saw them nearby, and no one had the heart to reveal it. Everyone agreed that the dumplings were beef instead of pork," she wrote.

Denise revealed that on the day that Leslie Cheung died, Anita was so devastated that all of their assistants took turns to accompany her at home.

"She collapsed in my arms, and that was the first time I saw her showing fragility."

Denise continued revealing many more moments that she cherished with Anita, including sharing drinks after a Christmas Eve concert in Malaysia in 1999, and of Anita buying her clothes because she refused to do so in order to save money.

"Maybe there are some details that are no longer clear, or romanticised by myself, but every joy and feeling at those moments is unforgettable and real. In fact, it took only four or five years from me getting along with her to the moment when [she took me as her protege] and to the day she left. But for me it was a whole life, and even beyond this life," she expressed.

Anita Mui passed away on 30 December of 2003, several months after announcing she had cervical cancer. She was 40.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)