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Currentbody 4-in-1 LED Mask Review: How does it improve the skin and is it better than before?

We tested the new and improved 4-in-1 LED face mask: Is it better than the original and is it worth its price tag? Plus, promo code to save more.

The Currentbody 4-in-1 LED Mask comes with enhanced features and benefits to the skin. PHOTO: Currentbody
The Currentbody 4-in-1 LED Mask comes with enhanced features and benefits to the skin. PHOTO: Currentbody

Two years ago in this column, I reviewed the multi-award winning CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Face Mask which claimed to be ‘the No. 1 best-selling LED face mask with thousands of five-star reviews’. For those who are new to light therapy, TL:DR, light therapy was originally used by NASA to assist plant growth, and the same technology is now harnessed into the beauty industry – namely by Currentbody into their range of LED masks to enhance the face, neck, eyes and even aid in hair growth.

Widely lauded on social media by countless Hollywood celebrities, the Currentbody Skin LED Light Therapy Face Mask has a firm following with stars such as Madame Web's Dakota Johnson and supermodel Kate Moss. Also referred to as the Kim Kardashian-approved LED mask, Daisy Jones & the Six star Suki Waterhouse has also hailed it as ‘the product that saved my skin’ and it is one of her top beauty essentials.

This device is one of the best market-leading LED masks you can buy.Dr Dendy, Board Certified MD Dermatologist

Even dermatologists are converts

Board-certified dermatologist Dr Dendy Engelman gives Currentbody Skin LED Light Therapy Masks her seal of approval as being the best in the market, due to the science-backed data, ease of use, and visible results that set them apart from competitors. According to the Currentbody website, its LED Masks have even been “used by Navy SEALs to help heal wounds and they have reported improvements in those suffering from musculoskeletal injuries”.


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Dragon 4-in-1 LED Mask 15% off RRP. PHOTO: Currentbody
Dragon 4-in-1 LED Mask 15% off RRP. PHOTO: Currentbody

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4-in-1 Mask & Ziip - 26% off RRP. PHOTO: Currentbody

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CurrentBody Skin device - 15% off. PHOTO: Currentbody
CurrentBody Skin device - 15% off. PHOTO: Currentbody

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What does the 4-in-1 LED Face Mask do?

Currentbody has now launched the new 4-in-1 LED Face Mask with four targeted treatment modes addressing main skin concerns such as anti-ageing, brightening, and restoring. Featuring a total of 360 high-quality LED bulbs for optimal power delivery, the 4-in-1 LED face mask has been tested to be 109% more effective than other multi-treatment LED masks in the market. Its Pillow Technology allows LED light to be evenly distributed allowing for maximum coverage across the face. The Currentbody LED mask is also clinically proven to provide skin clarity, luminosity, and brightness, as well as stimulate collagen production deep within the skin dermis.

Here’s a breakdown of what it does

Zone Facial Mapping: Targets different face zones using five LED wavelengths to treat multiple skincare concerns in a 10-minute treatment.

Anti-ageing: Addresses the forehead and jawline issues using red, deep red, and near-infrared.

Brightening: Focuses on the eyes using green and near-infrared.

Restoring: Treats the cheeks, nose, and chin via yellow and near-infrared.

Experts advice: Use at least three to five times in a week to see visible results.

The new Currentbody 4-in-1 LED mask allows you to target various skin concerns in one ten minute treatment. PHOTO: Currentbody
The new Currentbody 4-in-1 LED mask allows you to target various skin concerns in one ten minute treatment. PHOTO: Currentbody

Unboxing – What’s in it

The beauty gadget comes in a nifty box that includes the Currentbody 4-in-1 Face Mask, two U-shaped head straps, a USB-C charging cord, a storage bag, a user manual, and comfort goggles made of soft silicone meant to be attached to the mask.

New Improvements: How does it differ from the LED Face Mask?

Double straps for better fit

New gadgets often come with better and enhanced features. What struck me the first time I unboxed the 4-in-1 face mask was the double straps and comfort eye goggles meant to be attached to the beauty gadget. The double straps offer not only a better fit during usage, it also managed to stay in place when I sat upright and even while walking. I could also adjust the fit using the Velcro straps.

Ultra-comfy eye googles

The marked improvement to me was the eye protection which now comes in an ultra-soft silicone attachment that does not leave an obvious mark after each usage like its predecessor. The eye goggles also felt extremely comfortable on the face, and best of all, I could still open my eyes without hurting them since the infrared lights are largely blocked out – a huge improvement from its predecessor! This also means that instead of closing my eyes, I could do whatever I wish, be it using the mask while working from home, catching up on my drama marathons, or even while journalling. Previously, I could only slot in a 10-minute meditation session while strapped to its predecessor, and then wait till the session was over since there was not much else I could do. The new 4-in-1 gadget allowed me so much more mobility, especially since I could open my eyes and the mask stayed snug on my face. As a multi-tasker, this is a godsend.

Zone Facial Mapping – the true workhorse

Of course, the other huge enhancement is the Zone Facial Mapping which allows for targeted skin treatment for various concerns in one 10-minute session. The predecessor came with only red and near-infrared light therapy to address anti-ageing issues. The 4-in-1 mask comes with red and near infra-red light therapy, on top of green and yellow light for brightening and restoring respectively. Best of all, the new gadget allows the use of a combination of all red, green, yellow, and near-infrared light therapy in one 10-minute session. How's that for a workhorse beauty gadget?

Reviews: Here’s what other users said

One user, Sarah, a Korean verified buyer even said, “ I found the results comparable to a treatment I received at a clinic.”

Sunny, another verified buyer from Taiwan commented, “Using a facial mask device not only soothes the redness but also provides an excellent brightening effect.”

A Singaporean verified buyer Pauline shared, “I use the led mask after showering at night time, my skin turned soft and bright after using.”

CurrentBody is really onto something; they make the best LED masks in the field. I recommend them to my patients to help augment the treatments that I do for them in-clinic and to maintain their youth and beauty.Dr Daniel Belkin, Board Certified MD Dermatologist

I tried the new Currentbody 4-in-1 LED Mask and here's my review. PHOTO: Cadence Loh, Yahoo Life Singapore
I tried the new Currentbody 4-in-1 LED Mask and here's my review. PHOTO: Cadence Loh, Yahoo Life Singapore

What I think of the Currentbody 4-in-1 LED Mask: Does it really work?

This beauty gadget is so easy to use. One full charge allows for three hours of usage, which means you are not required to constantly charge it even with regular usage. I observe a visible radiance on my skin each time after the 10-minute session. I liked that the 4-in-1 LED mask allows me to target my different skin concerns all in one shot. And since it is not advisable to overtreat my skin by using the different modes consecutively, all I need is 10 minutes a day to work into my self-care routine.

Call it a self-fulfilling prophecy or not, I choose to believe my daily 10-minute investment in myself is well worth the effort. I had at least a couple of newly met acquaintance who stopped short in their conversations to praise me for my glowing skin. No doubt I had on make-up, but I personally attest to the fact that makeup adheres better on good skin. Subsequent visits to the beauty salons also confirmed my observation. The beauty therapists said that I have been doing a good enough job at maintaining my skin, vastly different from my 20s and early 30s!

The best thing I love about this gadget is that it is FDA-approved and non-invasive. It works as an in-between beauty salon visit, allowing me to prolong my next visit to the dermatologist or spa treatment. Not only does it save me the hassle of travelling to-and-fro spa treatments, there's huge savings as well.

Tips to derive maximum benefits

Tip 1: The face and LED mask must be clean and completely dry before usage so it doesn't stick to the skin.

Tip 2: Simply use a microfibre cloth or wet wipes to clean it before and after use to ensure hygiene.

Tip 3: Multitask. Save time by using it on a flight or during an in-home massage chair session. I enjoy having a short meditation session or journal while using the gadget. Get creative!

Tip 4: Enhance the benefits by starting or rounding off each treatment session with Currentbody’s Hydrogel Masks. It has been clinically proven that LED wavelengths are enhanced by the hydrogel, providing an intense, energy-boosting treatment for the skin.

Tip 5: Give fair warning to your partner and housemates when using the LED mask.

Before and after images of a customer who used the Currentbody LED mask. PHOTO: Currentbody
Before and after images of a customer who used the Currentbody LED mask. PHOTO: Currentbody

What could be better

I wish Currentbody could make some enhancements to the comfort level at the nose area. The nose area is essentially a flat, moveable flap which allows it to conform to the face shape and for easy breathing. Although there’s no issue with my breathing with the mask on, I still feel my nose being squished when lying down with the mask. However, it was much better when I was sitting upright or walking around. Perhaps the nose flap could be made with an even softer material or in a 3D shape?

Another improvement I would like to see on the LED face mask is for it to be wireless. As you can see from the picture, the controller is strapped to the mask. No doubt, as long as you have a little pocket or even a fanny pack on you, you can move around the house with ease during the 10 minutes you are strapped to it. However, if you think about it, it is just 10 minutes out of 24 hours in a day. The daily use of the Currentbody LED face mask may just force us to take a chill pill and relax during the 10-minute treatment session. Something city-dwellers need to cultivate in our lifestyle.

Is the Currentbody 4-in-1 LED mask worth the price tag?

At S$769 per gadget (before discount), it is no small sum to invest in beauty. My take? Now that I have arrived at an age where terms such as "anti-ageing", "ageing gracefully" is constantly on my vocabulary, I personally believe that we only have one face, and if we have the means to prolong our youthful appearance, why not? Like what my peers always remind me: one should not put a price tag on beauty. There's truth to this, judging from how well my peers have been maintaining themselves.

Currentbody 4-in-1 LED Mask. PHOTO: Currentbody
Currentbody 4-in-1 LED Mask. PHOTO: Currentbody

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