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Cooper's beauty secret is revealed in Emily in Paris Season 3: The Currentbody LED Light Therapy Mask

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Emily in Paris returns for Season 3. PHOTO: Emily in Paris
Emily in Paris returns for Season 3. PHOTO: Emily in Paris

Don't we all love a fish-out-of-water story? Apart from digging the outrageously stylish outfits featured in hit drama Emily in Paris, now back with Season 3, we can't help but empathise with the American in Paris protagonist, who is not only at a career crossroads, but also confused about her feelings for two extremely eligible, and dashing gentlemen – Alfie and Gabriel. I mean, how are we to choose between two men who are attractive on different terms, right? But ultimately, the aesthetic beauty of the show is how it gets us rooting for this young, ambitious, think-out-of-the-box and hardworking lass – Emily Cooper, who exemplifies the new-to-work Gen Zers.

The first episode of Season three of Emily in Paris already drew us in deeper as Emily Cooper continues to bumble through her career, friendship and love life. But what caught our eye was THAT beauty gadget Cooper uses while talking herself through major life decisions – the CurrentBody LED Light Therapy Mask. And it is not just Cooper who is in on Hollywood's top beauty secret, A-listers such as Gal Gadot and Renée Zellweger are known to use it as well. Supermodel Suki Waterhouse even hailed it as "the product that saved my skin".

So, what is this beauty gadget that has been making appearances on the social media feeds of celebrities and influencers, and now in the popular drama Emily in Paris? Of course, we are talking about the much-hyped CurrentBody LED light therapy masks that even dermatologists approve of. According to the brand, this technology was initially engineered by NASA, and the skincare gadget is now repurposed for use at home. In addition, Navy SEALs are known to use it to accelerate wound healing.

So when CurrentBody offered to send us the much-hyped beauty secret for a review, I seized the opportunity to unravel the mystery of the CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask in the name of beauty journalism. Let’s see if the product lives up to its name. And should you be keen to get any skincare device from CurrentBody, we managed to secure an exclusive promotion for you my dear readers. Don't we all wish to age gracefully like Sylvie?


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What it does

According to the CurrentBody website, the original CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask combines red (630nm) and near-infrared (880nm) light therapy spectrums and is backed by science and proven clinical trials to deliver immediate and long-term benefits. Infrared light can penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, thereby stimulating the production of collagen, which in turn brings about firmer skin, reduced wrinkles and improved skin tone.

CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask

The CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask is flexible and moulds easily around your face. PHOTO: CurrentBody
The CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask is flexible and moulds easily around your face. PHOTO: CurrentBody

Hollywood's best-kept beauty secret

According to CurrentBody, “…it can be used for a number of skin conditions and cosmetic concerns. These include fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, rosacea, acne, eczema, psoriasis, and more. The LED light regenerates the skin’s cells, reducing inflammation, healing wounds, stimulating collagen and restoring radiance. Your skin will be left feeling plumper, fresher and more hydrated.”

What’s in the box

CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask, USB charging cord, detachable and adjustable head strap, storage bag, comfort goggles and manual.

Before use

1. Charge the device for at least 2.5 hours. The flashing green light will turn solid green once it is fully charged.

2. Conduct a skin sensitivity test. Switch on the device and place it on a clean, dry surface like an arm for 10 minutes. Visually examine treatment area. Should your skin turn red for more than 2 hours, you are sensitive to light therapy and should not use the device.

Let’s dive in!

Clean and fully dry your face before use.

Find a comfortable spot to sit or lie down. Place goggles around the eyes and then arrange the device around the face to fit it snugly around your head. The device must be completely dry before use.

Switch on the device, rest and enjoy. The mask has an auto switch-off function of 10 minutes.

After treatment, remove the device, wipe it and keep it in the provided protective bag or box.

Tip 1: Make sure the device is clean before and after use. Wet wipes or a microfibre cloth work just fine!

Tip 2: Do not open your eyes when the mask is switched on, as the light may harm the eyes.

For best results

Pro-tip 1: For enhanced efficacy, exfoliate skin before treatment. Try using the CurrentBody Clarifying Clay Mask before the LED mask.

Pro-tip 2: Do not apply any skincare as it may impede the efficacy of the light therapy.

Pro-tip 3: Set aside the 10 minutes of treatment duration to relax or tune in to a guided meditation. Better still, prop up your legs for better blood circulation!

Pro-tip 4: Use daily for maximum results.

Pro-tip 5: (Optional) Combine the LED Mask with the CurrentBody Hydrogel Face Mask for enhanced results.


3-5 times a week for 10 minutes per session.

What I love


The CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask is so easy to use. It involves finding a comfortable spot, strapping the mask and turning it on—no complicated steps to follow.

Company Philosophy

CurrentBody encourages consumers to try non-invasive solutions first – something I also believe in. That’s where their skincare devices come in.

2-in-1 session

You know how we first-worlders love to save time while ticking off our daily to-do boxes? Well, this product allows you to do just that. Try meditating during the 10-minute treatment and take it as a me-time for your skin and mental wellness.

Multi-award-winning LED mask

I like to know that many people have tried the same product and given it the thumbs up. Good to know that this beauty device has been featured in Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2020, Woman&Home Beauty Awards 2020, Pure Beauty Awards 2020, Wardrobe Icons 2021 & GLAMOUR Beauty Awards 2022.

CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask + CurrentBody Skin Hydrogel Mask (10 Pack)

Enhance the effects of CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask with he CurrentBody Skin Hydrogel Mask. PHOTO: CurrentBody
Enhance the effects of CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask with he CurrentBody Skin Hydrogel Mask. PHOTO: CurrentBody

What could be better

The eye goggles were just too uncomfortable for me. I could feel it pressing against my eyes when I strapped on the mask. So I chose to do without it after a couple of uncomfortable sessions. Just make sure to shut your eyes when the lights are switched on.

Even though the mask was designed to be soft for better adherence to the face, I had to sit up for the mask to be appropriately propped on my face. Otherwise, as I lie down, the device lays on my nose (and flattens it). But, other than that, it was pretty comfortable.

Price and value

At S$522 per LED Face Mask, this skincare device may not necessarily be affordable for everyone. However, when it comes to evaluating the value of a product, price is not the only consideration. I tend to equate the value of a product to its efficacy, ease of usage, and comfort level. These factors affect how often I use said beauty gadget. From a professional point of view, I got Dr Hong Foo, founder and aesthetics doctor of Bespoke Aesthetics, to weigh in on such LED devices. Read on for an aesthetics doctor's take and see if this device is for you.

CurrentBody Skin Face & Neck Kit (worth $988)

CurrentBody Skin Face & Neck Kit has won multiple beauty awards since 2020. PHOTO: CurrentBody
CurrentBody Skin Face & Neck Kit has won multiple beauty awards since 2020. PHOTO: CurrentBody


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As an aesthetics doctor, what's your take on the ongoing craze in LED Light Therapy Masks, such as those we see on Hollywood celebrities' social media feeds, Emily in Paris and K-dramas? Do they work, or is it all hype? Are they scientifically backed as claimed and effective? Are they even safe?

Dr Hong Foo: LED Light therapy is not new in the market. Some beauty companies used this technology as a hand-held device many years ago. This LED technology is merely transferred to another format where one can wear it at the convenience of their home. The LED light aids in cells' adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production, which supports the cells' healthy growth and functions. Initially, LED NASA developed Light Therapy to assist in the development of plants in their space shuttle under zero gravity.

There are seldom any side effects from LED Light Therapy. This is especially since home devices have relatively lower intensity levels than clinical-grade devices. Furthermore, with lower intensity levels, one can opt to do it more often without compromising on their safety. Nevertheless, it is crucial to follow the usage directions as provided accordingly.

Would you recommend LED Light Therapy Masks between beauty salon visits and dermatologist treatments?

We usually recommend professional LED Light therapy as one of the post-care treatments after skin procedures, as they help speed up the recovery process. LED home devices can also be incorporated as part of their skincare routine for regular maintenance, not just between treatments.

Are there any steps to do before, during or after the LED Light Therapy Masks sessions to enhance its efficacy?

Ensure your face is thoroughly cleansed and free of any sunscreen or makeup. Hydration is also vital for the skin to function properly and enjoy the LED Light Therapy benefits.

Who would benefit most from such beauty gadgets?

Those looking to maintain or prolong the effects of their clinical or dermatological treatments will benefit from these beauty gadgets. However, these gadgets may not be as practical as those used in professional clinic settings.

My take after two months of regular usage

I tried the product three to five times a week. Honestly, I didn't see any significant reduction in terms of wrinkles after two months. However, a colleague did comment that my skin has improved and looked "firmer". This was after not seeing each other for months. My back story was that I have been experiencing on-and-off eczema for over a year on top of rosacea. Read my horror story here and how my skin bounced back with one ingredient. And on a separate event, someone I met for the first time exclaimed that I have "such good skin!" – something I had not heard of in years!

There were a couple of occasions when I used the device twice before winding down for sleep. These amounted to 20-minute sessions, and I swear, my skin looked tauter than ever on these occasions.

I see the device as a helpful self-care tool, allowing me 10 minutes to meditate or self-reflect as I look back on the day. Talk about multitasking! The 10 minutes a day is a good investment in myself, and in the long run, should it help me with the prevention of wrinkles, that's a massive bonus for me.

Also, as someone who finds booking facial treatments a hassle, I love the convenience of this device and how it allows me to spread out my beauty treatments; plus, there are cost savings too!

And since it is so lightweight and comes in a convenient drawstring bag, I plan to bring it along on my travels.

Should you purchase any beauty gadgets from CurrentBody, don't forget to input the exclusive promo code “INPARIS10” to enjoy 10% off CurrentBody products.

As seen on Emily in Paris - the CurrentBody LED Therapy Face Mask. PHOTO: CurrentBody
As seen on Emily in Paris - the CurrentBody LED Therapy Face Mask. PHOTO: CurrentBody
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