Comedians Are Sticking Up for Martin Short After a Bizarre Op-Ed Called Him 'Desperately Unfunny'

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Comedians Defend Martin Short from Bizarre Op-EdGotham - Getty Images

There are many creative decisions that I would make differently on Only Murders in the Building. Martin Short is not one. The former Saturday Night Live! and Second City comedian has entertaining us for decades with characters such as the bizarre Ed Grimley and the shrewd interviewer Jiminy Glick. But following some Emmy nods and his reemergence on Hulu's cozy mystery series alongside Steve Martin and Selena Gomez, some people have seemingly taken to reflect on Short's career in rather puzzling ways.

After an op-ed in Slate titled “Why We Keep Putting Up With Martin Short" questioned the actor's “exhausting, sweaty and desperately unfunny" characters, celebrity friends have taken to social media to defend their love of the comedian. "Martin Short is a comedic genius," Ben Stiller posted on X (formerly Twitter). "End o story." Mark Hamill also praised the Only Murders comedian, commenting that it's "hard to believe people are actually debating whether or not Martin Short is funny. Newsflash: He is HILARIOUS."

Severance star Adam Scott posted, "I ❤️ MARTIN SHORT," and SNL comedian Sarah Sherman let out an emphatic, "the DISRESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! martin short all day every day til i fucking DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Martin Short has yet to respond to the Slate piece himself, but the op-ed did include what the comedian has already said about people who just don't find him funny. "You’re never gonna win those people over," he told Vulture in 2021. "If I had dinner with them, I’d be bored. That’s the only thing I can say back to those bastards."

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