No plans to settle down and start a family: Jolin Tsai

Fann Sim
Singapore Showbiz

Taiwanese diva Jolin Tsai has no plans to settle down. (Yahoo! photo)

Taiwanese star Jolin Tsai says she has no plans to settle down with boyfriend Vivian Dawson, just yet.

The 32-year-old singer and dancer, Tsai, who was in Singapore on Friday as celebrity judge for the Remy Martin Centaur Dance Showdown, said that she has never given herself a timeline to plan when to settle down and start a family.

Seeing that her best friend and Singapore singer Stefanie Sun has settled down and recently gave birth to a baby boy in October last year, Tsai said that she likes babies but will not be planning for it.

"I saw her baby and he is very cute! I've seen women around me, my classmates and my sister, become mummies and it's wonderful," Tsai said joyfully.

When will it be her turn though?

"I feel happy and can't help but to look at the babies adoringly. I'll leave it up to fate. When the time is right, I believe it will happen" she added.

The Taiwanese singer has been dating Dawson, a 26-year-old New Zealand model born to a Kiwi dad and Singapore mum, for the last two years.

Currently based in Bangkok, the 1.9-metre-tall jet-setting hunk has been spotted in public with Jolin several times over the past two years and have even reportedly met each other's family. But Jolin has never openly admitted the pair are an item.

However, Tsai responded to rumours about her starting her own entertainment company and signing up Dawson and taking him under her wing.

"I'm planning to sign some great artistes on but he is not one of them. He's currently represented by another company," Tsai said.

When asked what she felt about her ex-boyfriend and fellow singer Jay Chou, who sports a new image with platinum-blond hair do and six-pack abs, Tsai said she admired his determination.

"I saw photos of Jay and I think it takes a lot of determination and effort to achieve that," Tsai said.