Local band tops iTunes Singapore chart with comeback album

Shah Salimat
Singapore Showbiz

The Great Spy Experiment are back after a six-year hiatus with a chart-topping album (Great Spy Experiment photo)

It took six years for Singapore indie darlings The Great Spy Experiment to release their sophomore full-length album “Litmus”, but less than 24 hours from its release Monday to jump to the top position on the iTunes Singapore album chart.

That makes The Great Spy Experiment the first local band to have an English album top that particular chart since the inception of iTunes Singapore in late June last year.

In one of the most anticipated comebacks in the Singapore music scene, the band impresses once again with their signature danceable riffs and solid vocals. The 11-track effort was preceded with the release of lead single “In The Sun” on 21 January and YouTube videos of most of Litmus’s tracks.

Litmus sees the band experimenting with dreamy synths, as opposed to sharp organ-like sounds on previous efforts. The band has garnered a series of accolades including Best Local Band at the Juice Magazine Awards in December 2008 and performed at top festivals including the MIDEM Festival at Cannes in January last year.

As of press time, Litmus was in the second position on the iTunes Singapore album chart. Watch the live performance of In The Sun below:

Litmus is out now on iTunes. Physical copies can be obtained from CD-Rama and HMV. The album is sold out in Gramophone as of press time, but more copies have been ordered.

Additional reporting by Nurul Azliah Aripin