Beyond Fruit: Viral yoghurt brand is here in Singapore with its rainbow bowls & smoothies

It’s human nature to want to munch on something in between meals, so we might as well make it healthy! If you’re looking to replace your fast-food snacking with a body-conscious alternative, take this article as a sign. Beyond Fruit is now here in Singapore’s Bugis Junction and VivoCity to help you make better choices. 

If you’ve been on the Douyin app (TikTok’s name in China), you’re no stranger to this brand. It has naturally gone viral due to its very appealing look and the rainbow colours that pop out. The cool-looking yoghurt is also the cherry on top that adds to the whole aesthetic, making it the perfect material to suck netizens in. 

Beyond Fruit - close up of food

Now all the way from China, Beyond Fruit is gracing us with its popular presence that’s not just pretty to look at but will do your body some good too. Their products are currently divided between Superfruit Bowl and Superfruit Smoothies

The bowls are each categorised by colour as the brand states how each colour of fruit packs various necessary phytonutrients. So customers get to pick the bowls based on what they might need the most. It’s like collecting Thanos’ infinity stones— a pretty cool way to get your kids eating the right stuff, if you ask me.

Beyond Fruit - close up of food

For all of them, you get to pick the yoghurt’s flavour having the options of Original (white), Spirulina (blue), and Mixed Grains (black). The bowls each come with five super fruits and have mixed nuts, dark chocolate, and cereal in them. 

There’s the Disease Fighter (blue/purple infinity bowl, S$12.90) with grapes and raspberry, the Skin Protector (yellow infinity bowl, S$11.90) with mango and avocado, and the Immunity Booster (orange infinity bowl, S$9.90) with dragon fruit and papaya. These are just a few to choose from many other colourful options. 

You also get to create your own bowl with the DIY Rainbow Superfruit (S$14.90) bowl where you pick fruits from each colour category! Boy, I’d have a fun time doing that. If you’re more into having your fruits in liquid form, they’ve also got a great selection of Superfruit Smoothies

Beyond Fruit - close up of food

All for S$5.90, some of those that caught my eye are the Garden Strawberry Smoothie, Apple & Passion Fruit Smoothie, and the Raspberry & Lychee Smoothie. They’ve got yoghurt mixed in them so you won’t be missing out on it. Keep an eye out for this one the next time your hunger pangs kick in! 

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