Ben Amir chops off locks for "Bawah Payung Awan"

18 Jun - After having sported his trademark long hair for a long time, Ben Amir decided to chop it off for the sake of his character in the new drama, "Bawah Payung Awan".

The actor, real name Muhammad Amir Sabaruddin, stated that he can't keep his long locks forever, seeing that he is an actor who has to change his looks for the sake of the roles offered to him.

"Truthfully, I initially didn't like to cut my hair because I prefer my hair long. But since it's part of my commitment to my work, I decided to do so," he said to mStar.

Ben had always been known for his manbun
Ben had always been known for his manbun

However, Ben said that his decision was not prompted by the producers, but was made after much discussion with the director.

In "Bawah Payung Awan", Ben plays Soleiman, one of the three good friends aside from Widad (Nabila Razali) and Hanan (Nelissa Nizam) who were raised in the squatters and plan to change their lives for the better.

The drama, which has been streaming on Viu since 13 June, is adapted from author Liza Nur's novel of the same name.

(Photo Source: Ben Amir IG, Ben Amir Fanclub IG, Viu MY IG)