Barbie Hsu denies being pregnant for the third time

19 Jun - Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu has denied rumours that she may be pregnant for the third time.

As reported on Tencent, rumours of another pregnancy sparked recently after the paparazzi snapped a photo of the actress with what looks like a baby bump.

When asked about the possibility of another baby, Barbie's mother laughed and said that it would be impossible, as the actress has no plans to get pregnant for the third time.

She revealed that the only reason for how Barbie looked recently is that the actress didn't lose a lot of weight since giving birth to her son.

Barbie has also dismissed the pregnancy rumours, saying, "I [had a moment of life and death] when I gave birth to my son. I can't just restore my old body that soon."

The actress reminded that she had previously fainted due to mitral valve prolapse, after trying to go on a diet while taking care of her two children, which is why she is now taking things slowly when it comes to weight loss.

When mentioned that her stomach looks really round, Barbie smiled, and responded, "Go back to your mother, and ask her, 'Mum, your belly is so round. Why is that? Happy or fat?' Then let's see what she will say about that!"

(Photo source: Barbie Hsu Instagram)