Michael Bublé stars in Asda's Christmas advert shot by Taika Waititi

asda 2023 christmas advert
Watch now: Asda's festive 2023 Christmas advertAsda

Asda has unveiled its Christmas TV advert for this year, and it features none other than global superstar Michael Bublé.

Shot by Oscar-winning filmmaker Taika Waititi, the much-anticipated TV advert sees the Canadian singer songwriter acting as Asda's chief quality control officer, sampling and selecting from their seasonal selection.

Full of trademark Bublé charm and charisma, the witty advert ends with him joining a Christmas choir to sing a heartfelt final crescendo of Walking in a Winter Wonderland.

Those of us who keenly follow the Christmas adverts may spot the subtle nod to last year's, where Buddy the Elf polishes off a tray of sweet samples – when Bublé tastes a selection of pigs in blankets, he rejects the maple-covered ones as 'so last year'.

Discussing the advert, Bublé remarked: 'I love my relationship with the UK and I'm the biggest fan of was an honour to be asked to star in Asda's Christmas advert'. He also mentioned how much he enjoyed tasting Asda's festive treats, including tempura prawns, truffle and parmesan pigs in blankets and chocolate and orange panettone.

To celebrate the launch, Asda is inviting the public to visit a 20-foot tall Bublé-themed Christmas tree on 16th November at King's Cross station. Powered by song, the tree will dance and light up by members of the public who are brave enough to take the stage and sing in front of it.

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Recap the 2022 Christmas advert

Asda's 2022 Christmas advert saw Will Ferrell reprise his role in Elf to become Asda's newest seasonal recruit. Set to Santa Clause Is Comin' to Town, the jubilant Christmas advert used original footage and iconic lines from the UK's favourite Christmas film to place the beloved Buddy the Elf right at the heart of a bustling Asda store in the build-up to his favourite time of year, Christmas.

asda christmas 2022 elf advert

Recap the 2021 Christmas advert

The 2021 Asda Christmas advert celebrated all of the little moments that make Christmas special. The one-minute advert – titled Asda on Ice and set to the 1928 classic, The Boléro – followed a family gliding on ice skates through various scenes. From a school play featuring an adorable Christmas pudding to festive fun at an office party, it showcased all of our favourite moments throughout the holidays.

asda christmas advert 2021

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