Anson Lo excited to reunite with MIRROR



15 Sep – Anson Lo recently expressed excitement over the fact that the members of MIRROR will reunite soon on a variety show.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who spoke to the media at a brand event, shared that the group will be going to Australia to shoot the show at the end of December and that he is looking forward to it.

"After filming MIRROR+ a few months ago, it is rare to get all 12 members together for a long time to film a show. We will all be filming it with each other," he said.

Anson also believes that working abroad can help all the members to learn each other's living habits, and understand one another so that they can strengthen their camaraderie.

Asked if he is not worried that a gathering of 12 people will create conflict, he said, "Even with good friends, there will be times when we agree and disagree. I don't think it's worth discussing who is right and who is wrong."


Anson can't wait to reunite with his MIRROR mates
Anson can't wait to reunite with his MIRROR mates


(Photo Source: MIRROR IG, Anson Lo IG)