AmirMafia One of the Earliest Persian Rappers Who Went Mainstream

In the past two decades, several hip hop musicians have emerged, upending many of the industry's long-held conventions. One such example is Amirali Azimzadeh aka AmirMafia, a Persian artist who made it out in the wild wild west solely on the basis of his exceptional talents and well of course determination and hard work.

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AmirMafia started his career in 2003 gaining popularity for his Persian songs. Eventually, he even did collaborations with multiple French and English artists. Some of his highly acclaimed songs include Hasrat Hall Konim, Run Away Forever, Big Noise, and Faseleha.

What supported AmirMafia’s steadfast journey to stardom was his unique style where he incorporates multilingual lyrics, which not only makes his songs stand out but also a representation of diversity and inclusion. AmirMafia’s entrance into the world of popularity did not start with his music career but dates way back to 1997 when he got featured in an Iranian Movie called Shabe Robah.

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AmirMafia hails from a musically inclined family, which justifies his natural thrust towards the industry. His father was a renowned violinist who played for Googoosh, a renowned Iranian singer and actress.

At an early age, AmirMafia learned how to play Piano under the teaching of Kaveh Yaghmaei, but eventually began diverting towards Rock music, and lastly found his calling as a Rapper. To have recognized one’s true self and density early in life is a blessing, and to have achieved substantial success following that path is no short than a miracle.

AmirMafia became one of the firsts Persian rappers in Iran and since the inception of his music career has written and produced a couple of songs for the new aged Persian Rappers as a ghostwriter gaining recognition for his new and unique ideas.

What sets AmirMafia apart from the other rappers is his exceptional knowledge of Music which he has been harboring since he was a child. Not only that, his unwavering passion towards music and the zest to be the Raddest of them all has led him to the point where he is in today’s day and date. AmirMafia is one of the unbeatable battle Persian Rappers as in Iran this Genre has always been pushed down.

Looking back to the point in history where his musical career almost came to a halt after devoting eight years to his passion. It was when the sanctions of the work he did for an international company never came through which resulted in the cancellation of his album along with him being banned by the company to produce any more songs. AmirMafia exclaims that it was one of the hardest times in his life but he figured out a way to move on and continue pursuing his love for music.

AmirMafia bounced back in 2016 with the release of his single Faseleha. In the upcoming future, he plans on further amplifying Persian Rap in the eyes of the world and is currently working in that direction, curating new and unique projects.