Alex Diaz clarifies relationship with Tony Labrusca

Heidi Hsia

4 Mar – Alex Diaz recently admitted that he found the romance rumours linking him to Tony Labrusca hilarious.

As reported on Push, the actor, who spoke about the previous rumours that sparked in January 2019, shared that he is just happy to be able to set the record straight when it comes to his friendship with the actor.

Said Diaz, "It's so funny because before the airport incident, we had an obstacle course training a year ago, so we had a lot of pictures. We were in the same race in Cebu. We got close and then when the airport incident happened, we were both arriving from Canada. Because I live in Calgary, Alberta, and he lives in Vancouver, so I said, 'Bro, I'm going to the Philippines again. Let's go bungee jumping."

"So there was a layover in Vancouver to get home. So I stopped in Vancouver, then went bungee jumping, before we went home," he shared.

As for Labrusca's previous airport incident, where the actor had a confrontation with the immigration over his Philippine citizenship, Diaz said the issue was very unfair.

"The effect on his career has been unreasonable. I'm never going to be silent when one of my friends is being persecuted. Even if it means I will be persecuted as well. So you have to defend your friends. If I don't defend them, of course what the masses want to believe they will believe. So that's what happened," he shared.

(Photo Source: Alex Diaz Instagram)