Aiya Chang learns to be brave after breakup with Jason Hsu

19 Nov– Taiwanese actress Aiya Chang recently took to social media to share her thoughts about her life for the first time since ex-boyfriend Jason Hsu announced that he is getting married to another woman.

As reported on ET Today, on 18 November, nearly a week after the 5566member announced his engagement, the actress posted on Instagram and admitted that she has now discovered what being brave means.

She wrote, "I used to think that bravery means overcoming things that scared me. I was afraid of ghosts, of darkness, of sleeping when I am alone. In order to learn to be independent, I live on my own. I thought that I have learned a lot about being brave, and I thought I have found a way to make myself strong."

"But this year, I discovered that those were not bravery. Real bravery is to face yourself, to face your past and present... it turns out, this is the real growth. Now I know more about myself, and am convinced of my own value," she added.

Aiya and Jason dated for four years before they broke up in 2017. Jason admitted in an interview later on that he could not commit to their marriage plans due to his family situation.

Last week, the singer announced that he has successfully proposed to girlfriend, Taiwanese model Bernice Chao after dating for only a year and a half.

When asked about it, Aiya said, "Even if the other party isn't me, I would still wish him happiness."

(Photo Source: Aiya Chang Instagram)