Actress Lily Gladstone Calls Yellowstone "Delusional" and "Deplorable"

lily gladstone
Actress Lily Gladstone Criticizes YellowstonePATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRA - Getty Images

Killers of the Flower Moon star Lily Gladstone has strong feelings about Taylor Sheridan's Yellowstone show, and how the series (and its spinoffs) portray Indigenous stories. Sheridan's stories, she tells Vulture are "Delusional! Deplorable!" But she adds, "No offense to the Native talent in that. I auditioned several times. That’s what we had."

Gladstone, who plays Mollie Kyle in Martin Scorsese's upcoming Killers of the Flower Moon film, speaks out often about Indigenous representation and who is telling Indigenous stories. "There’s that double-edged sword. You want to have more Natives writing Native stories; you also want the masters to pay attention to what’s going on. American history is not history without Native history."

She emphasizes that Killers of the Flower Moon is "not a white-savior story," thanks to a rewrite that happened during the pandemic. Gladstone has previously shared how the film worked with the Osage Nation to tell the tale of the Osage murders.

lily gladstone killers of the flower moon
Gladstone and Leonardo DiCaprio in Killers of the Flower Moon.Melinda Sue Gordon

Osage Nation chief Geoffrey Standing Bear was a consultant on the film, and Gladstone told Variety earlier this year, "The work is better when you let the world inform the work. That was very refreshing how involved the production got with the [Osage Nation] community. As the community warmed up to our presence, the more the community got involved with the film. It’s a different movie than the one [Scorsese] walked in to make almost entirely because of what the community had to say about how it was being made and what was being portrayed."

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