Actor Lawrence Wong on launching his own botanical skincare brand, Grail

Lawrence Wong launches his own skincare line, Grail. (PHOTO: Red Dot Entertainment)
Lawrence Wong launches his own skincare line, Grail. (PHOTO: Red Dot Entertainment)

Nowadays, celebrities and personalities can launch their own fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands with a good hustle. So it’s no surprise that these celebrities have used their own experiences to create a successful business empire by tapping into consumer demands. For example, Jennifer Lopez launched her makeup and skincare beauty brand JLo Beauty and Priyanka Chopra, who recently introduced her haircare line Anomaly.

Malaysian-born Singapore actor Lawrence Wong debuted his botanical skincare brand Grail on 26 January, and like you, we have so many questions.

Wong shared with Yahoo Lifestyle SEA that he had suffered from many skin allergies and breakouts before finding the right products and ingredients. If there’s one thing any actors are worried about, it would be the struggle to face the cameras while battling blemishes.

Wong’s frequently asked question is on skincare products recommendation; and even then, he threads on the subject carefully. “It’s very tricky when I’m asked to recommend products to use because everybody’s skin is different, and I do not know exactly what goes behind in these bottles. So I thought; why not just create my line of skincare?” the Story of Yanxi Palace actor added.

Lawrence Wong launches his own skincare line, Grail. (PHOTO: Red Dot Entertainment)
Lawrence Wong launches his own skincare line, Grail. (PHOTO: Red Dot Entertainment)

The first product that Wong introduced is a multi-tasking face mask called Do-It-All (S$42), which comprises of five moisturising sheets (and currently sold out!). “I launched the face mask range first because everyone needs a face mask, and it can fit in anyone’s current routine and lifestyle,” he shared.

The face mask range is made with a wholly natural formula to deliver a quick yet effective solution for all skin types and uses a premium Japanese-patented and eco-certified sheet mask fabric called Bemliese 384 with a composition of 100 per cent biodegradable cupro filament.

On why Wong chose to venture into the beauty industry, he divulged: “I’ve always wanted to have my skincare line for a really, really long time but due to my busy schedule, I never have much time to go about it. The project only fully materialised in 2020 because of COVID.”

The actor wants his skincare line to be inclusive, regardless of age, race or skin types. To our surprise, Wong doesn’t indulge in the 10-step beauty routine and stressed that skin hydration is key.

“When your skin has enough hydration, everything looks good. Grail skincare routine is straightforward; I don’t believe in the 10, 12-step beauty routine because you’re burdening your skin when you slap on way too many products.”

“After filming, I would double-cleanse my face to remove excess makeup. If I’m very sleepy, I’ll also add a serum and head straight to bed. If I’m extra hardworking in the mornings, I’ll use a face mask after cleansing, followed by a moisturiser and sunblock before stepping out. It’s pretty simple!”

Wong has bigger ambitions for his Grail skincare line, revealing that he has other products in the pipeline, “like a sunblock, which is a must for everyone, no matter what age they are.”


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