Crystals to usher in the Ox year

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Crystals have been used as decorative elements in everyday life since the start of time, adorning hilts of swords to crowns of royalty. In this current century, using crystals as a lucky object to boost one’s luck or to heal from personal issues is all the rage, as seen from the growth of online crystal shops both locally and internationally.

After a pretty rough 2020, gaining a little extra luck to set the tone for 2021 would probably not harm anyone. Whether crystals and its metaphysical properties work as a placebo to help you make wiser choices in life, or it can truly trigger help from supernatural sources, there is bound to be an object here that’ll call out to you.

For Health

The Ultimate Lung Support And Protection Bundle Crystal Set Crystals for Health and Immunity

Amazonite Protection Wrap Bracelet

Garnet Red Floral Earrings

For Wealth

Crystal Grid Kit for Money, Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance

Natural Citrine Bracelet

Raw Citrine (1kg)


For General Well-Being

Clear Quartz Stone Raw

Rare Silver Sheen Obsidian

Amethyst Raw Geode 1.430kg

Intuitively Chosen Raw Crystal Set

15 pcs Premium Crystals Healing Kit

For Studies

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Mega Crystal Growing Lab

National Geographic Mega Gemstone Mine

Study Buddy Candle & Crystal Set

For Relationships

Mini Attract Your Soulmate Grid Crystals

Rose Quartz Large Thumb Stone

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