Acclaimed Le Matin Patisserie to close at ION Orchard on 29 Feb after only 1 year of operations

The highly lauded bakery cafe, Le Matin Patisserie, will be closing down its only outlet at ION Orchard on 29 Feb 2024 after just 1 year of operations.

This news came in the form of an Instagram post, in which the bakery thanked their fans for the support. The bakery added that they found it necessary to “reset, regroup, and explore new directions”, alluding that perhaps, Le Matin Patisserie will return again in the future, just in a different form or location.

le matin - owner

Le Matin Patisserie was founded by pastry chef Mohamed Al-Matin, who formerly worked as a pastry sous chef at Noma in Copenhagen. Chef Matin started Le Matin Patisserie in 2020, where it initially ran as an online business with occasional pop-ups. Finally, the bakery cafe found its physical space within ION Orchard, where it served up exquisite, fancy pastries and bakes.

le matin - bakes

Aside from the usual croissants and cakes, Le Matin Patisserie pushed the boundaries of creativity with atas creations like Octopus & Sea Urchin Brioche, Wagyu Brioche Feuilletee and their signature Black Truffle Scrambled Eggs Croissant. More conventional treats found there included Paris-Brest (S$15), Hazelnut Persimmon Tarts (S$11 per slice, S$48 to S$98 for whole) and even whole cakes and entremets.

The cafe also introduced mains to their menu, allowing for patrons to enjoy a more filling meal.

le matin - mains

Fans of the bakery cafe expressed their sadness at the closure of the well-known bakery cafe, with many sending their well wishes to Chef Matin and the team. Some netizens also provided feedback that perhaps the bakery could focus more on less atas bakes in order to cater to the average Singaporean.

If you’d like to savour the pastries and dishes from Le Matin Patisserie for one last time, be sure to drop by ASAP before their official closure this coming week.

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