7 signs you're eating too much sugar

Completely eliminating sugar from the diet can be difficult, but knowing what sugar can do to your body may just encourage you to reduce your daily dose, and that's a good start. Determining how much sugar you're really ingesting, or should be for that matter, is trickier and takes careful monitoring. Listening to your body and noticing symptoms is key, so is understanding what you're buying product and food wise.

It's also key to decipher between refined sugars and added sugars, and even comparing Canadian sugar consumption stats to that of our American neighbours.

In recent years the World Health Organization said that ideally we want to try for less than five percent of sugar intake daily. This is about 25 grams of sugar (six to seven teaspoons) a day, for the average adult.

With all that in mind, here are some ways to check up on your sugar consumption and see if you may be overdoing it.