Get 50% off oden bowls at FamilyMart Malaysia for a limited time only

FamilyMart Malaysia is now offering 50% off their Oden Bowls in conjunction with Ramadan! This promotion is exclusively for TnG eWallet users, so be sure to download the app first. From 15 Mar to 30 Apr 2023, users can get their oden for half the price with the code “TNGODEN”. 

FamilyMart - Counter

Users are only allowed to use the code 2 times, with only 1 promotional item per transaction. This means that those who want to get 2 bowls of oden at the same time are required to make separate purchases for each bowl.

Thankfully, this promotion is available for both delivery and pick up, so you can choose to enjoy your savoury and spicy oden from the comfort of your own home, or drop by your nearest FamilyMart outlet if you’re already nearby.

To order, all you have to do is open the TnG eWallet app, press “Discover more”, and then click on the FamilyMart button. You will find the promotion under their “Key Highlights”.

FamilyMart - Bowl of oden

On the app, you have 6 oden bowls to choose from including Tom Yum Dinner Bowl (RM11.60), Original Snack Bowl (RM7.90), and Tom Yum Noodle Bowl (RM8.70). After the discount, these bowls will cost RM5.80, RM3.95, and RM4.35 respectively.

Depending on which one you choose, FamilyMart’s oden bowls contain fish balls, fried fish balls, Odeng, King Krab Chunks, Lobster Balls, instant noodles, and bihun. However, these ingredients are subject to availability and you may need to switch them out if they’re out of stock.

FamilyMart - Shelf full on onigiri, sushi, and bento boxes

As a Japanese convenience store, you are able to find other unique snacks at FamilyMart. They have a wide selection of onigiri, which are rice balls with different types of filling, shaped as triangles and wrapped in seaweed. They even have rolled sushi, gimbap, and inari sushi

It doesn’t stop there. They also carry other meals like sandwiches, wraps, burgers, hotdogs, pasta, and bento sets. FamilyMart truly does have everything you need.

If you’ve been craving for a hot bowl of soup, now’s your chance!

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