5 Chic Ways to Wear an Oversized Puffer Vest

You’ll wish you bought one sooner.



It feels like every fashion silhouette is undergoing a "puffed" transformation. This sentiment holds true for handbags, footwear, jackets, and our most recent fixation: vests. Nearly every sought-after fashion brand of the present moment has revealed its unique interpretations of this trend, ranging from accessible names like Old Navy to the epitomes of luxury, such as Bottega Veneta.

The beauty of puffer vests is that it's equal parts practical and versatile, ideal for keeping you warm without the bulk. And as you've probably observed on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, or your preferred social media outlet, there are countless ways to style them. You might opt for a classic and timeless approach by pairing it with a long-sleeve tee and jeans or take the trendy route, combining it with trousers and a chic shoulder bag.

Whichever you choose, it's hard to go wrong. Keep scrolling for some of our favorite ways to try the puffer vest trend this season, with insight from fashion stylists.

Keep It Simple

"I like combining the puffer vest with a simple long-sleeve top, cuffed jeans, boots, and minimal accessories," says Brenda Iris, fashion stylist and founder of Mindful Styling Image Consulting in Minneapolis. "Since the vest itself is already voluminous, this minimalist approach creates a balanced and fashionable look."

Try: GAP 100% Recycled Puffer Vest. Not only does this puffer vest look good, but it's made entirely from recycled nylon, making it a solid option for the environment. It comes in black, brown, and navy blue and boasts a relaxed fit ideal for those seeking to layer it over sweatshirts or heavier base layers.

Make It Sporty

Remember: puffer vests are also functional. It's a great piece to throw on "when running to and from the gym," says Amy Seeman, a fashion stylist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It not only prevents you from catching a chill, but looks stylish, especially with a sweat set and sneakers as seen here.

Try: Zella Quilted Hooded Cocoon Vest. Layer this over your favorite cream-colored sweats set and you're bound to garner compliments from strangers.garner compliments from strangers.

Embrace a Casual-Cool Vibe

Bridges the gap between elevated and sporty by layering your puffer vest over a sweatshirt and exchanging sneakers for stylish boots. "It's a great third piece to top off your hoodie for a casual-cool look, says Seeman. Accessories play a pivotal role in encapsulating the effortlessly chic essence of this ensemble, which is understated yet undeniably fashionable.

Try: Adidas Helionic 600 Fill Power Down Vest. Kudos to you if you're eager to make the investment for a Prada puffer, as seen in this street-style photo. But it's no secret that you can recreate the look with another silhouette; this one evokes the same aesthetic but with a much more reasonable price tag.

Try a New Texture

"A faux leather material is a good winter date night outerwear piece," says Seeman. She recommends keeping the rest of the outfit standard for easy styling "with a turtleneck or bodysuit and denim or trousers."

Try: Steve Madden Celestina Faux Leather Vest. This faux leather vest is all about the details. The sleek silhouette has structured shoulders, a stand collar and toggles at the waist to adjust it to your perfect fit. Plus, it also comes in an off-white hue called "Bone" if you prefer that to black.

Wear It As a Statement Piece

Dare to stand out by donning an eye-catching vest that stands out against the rest of your ensemble. To tie it together, complete the look with a matching accessory.

Try: Levi’s Box Quilt Puffer Vest. This padded puffer features a standing collar and pockets for essentials. The best part? It comes in three super-saturated colors.

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