S$0.60 Ondeh Ondeh & S$0.80 Glutinous Rice at popular kueh shop, closing after 50 years

All good things will come to an end. And it comes, excruciatingly hard, to Happiness Nonya Cakes & Confectionery, the popular old-school kueh shop at Toa Payoh.

With most items selling out by noon, this confectionery has operated for almost half a decade and boasts snaking queues every morning. What’s so special? It offers over 30 varieties of affordable kuehs that have captured the hearts of many residents.

Happiness Nonya Cakes and Confectionery - Storefront

Unfortunately, Happiness Nonya Cakes & Confectionery is slated to close this September.

Good things can also be remembered. Founded by the enigmatic Mr Gan, the family-run shop set its foundations in Kim Keat for 25 years before settling at an HDB Block in Lorong 4. As suggested by their brand name, the confectionery is renowned for their handmade Peranakan Kuehs from S$0.60 per piece!

Coated in delicate coconut shavings, the bite-sized Ondeh Ondeh (S$0.60) is filled with sweet bursts of gula melaka and infused with aromatic pandan leaves. Meanwhile, the Kueh Salat (S$0.80) features light kaya custard layered on a savoury base of glutinous rice. The red and turtle-shaped Ang Ku Kueh (S$1) isn’t hard to miss.

Happiness Nonya Cakes and Confectionery - Ang Gu Kueh

Loaded with crunchy peanuts, the iconic kueh sports a chewy and soft exterior that will leave you craving for more.

Among their vibrant array of snacks and desserts, be surprised to find out that they also have fan-favourite Glutinous Rice (S$0.80) and Nasi Lemak (from S$1.80). While their addictive Glutinous Rice has bits of mushroom, crisp shallots and umami-filled hae bee, the Nasi Lemak is served on pillowy coconut rice with smoky otah, tangy sambal chilli and your usual ikan bilis. 

Happiness Nonya Cakes and Confectionery - Glutinous Rice

You may also opt for a bigger portion at S$3. This comes with an additional side of mouthwatering fried chicken wings, slices of refreshing cucumber and a simple omelette.

Word on the street is that their nasi lemak gets sold out as early as 9am!

Contrary to their brand name though, the owners at Happiness Nonya Cakes & Confectionery have a reputation for being unfriendly. For example, there have been occasions when customers have been chided for being indecisive when ordering. Valid lah, so think before you order.

Regardless, the crowds seem unfazed.

Happiness Nonya Cakes and Confectionery - Variety

Behind closed doors, the decision to close the famed confectionery stems from limited manpower and a rigorous pace that has taken a heavy toll on the family. As the store opens at 6am, they will need to start preparations at 3am, and although they close by 2pm, they usually continue preparing for the next morning. That sounds tiring.

So before we bid farewell to Happiness Nonya Cakes & Confectionery, will you be lucky enough to catch a rare smile from the store’s towkay?

Come what may, Happiness can now be bought in the form of kuehs.

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