ZINE, The First Magazine for Fanclub Models

ZINE, the first-ever magazine made specifically for creators to read, share, and contribute to, this week announced their platform is officially live.

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Managed by 1MILLIONGIRLS, a professional model management agency that provides clients with access to materials, marketing, and the resources they need to be successful, ZINE will be a critical marketing asset that models can use to advance their searchability while also increasing their income.

“Many times, it can be hard for a model to break through the success of other models with huge social media followings today.” said Arjunkrishna Sher, Founder of 1MILLIONGIRLS. “With ZINE, we are aiming to provide models with all the tools necessary to maximize their income. We believe every model deserves a chance to be in the spotlight.”

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ZINE is a subscription-based magazine that is poised to be a gamechanger for every single creator. As more people than ever before use Platforms as a way to supplement their income while working from home during the pandemic, ZINE wants to be the educational resource that equips them with everything they need to be successful right from the start.

“There is a huge need for expertise and learning materials in the world, making us the only company that is focusing specifically on educational materials for digital models,” said Sher. “People want to achieve financial freedom for themselves online, but they don’t know where to start. At 1MILLIONGIRLS, we provide them with all the tools necessary for them to get started.”

The founder, and Editor-in-Chief of ZINE, Arjunkrishna Sher, said:
“At ZINE, we believe in providing value second to none for all of our subscribers. Before we launched, I wanted to take something which was worth $100/month, and provide that to models at less than half of that price. And we’ve done that successfully.

Our strategy for all our products is creating something of extraordinarily high value, and then providing that to customers at a fraction of the actual price. And this strategy has been working brilliantly for us so far.”

Every ZINE issue also recommends toys, outfits and accessories which can be used by creators to make content. Sher said, “Most models on the platform go about using the same stuff, and they sort of play the guessing game when choosing what to buy. I thought that we should make things easier for them by recommending the affordable and attractive paraphernalia which would really work well for them.”

A subscription to ZINE is currently priced at $20/month, which includes access to all previous ZINE issues, along with a new ZINE every week, access to the ZINEDrive, which contains constantly updated resourceful material for models, and access to the ZINE Community, in which our subscribers can socialize and collaborate with each other over a bunch of topics.

“What we’re doing is really revolutionizing this space, and no one else seems to be doing it, and no one has the expertise to do it either. Education is something models really need, and we aim provide world-class learning material to help creators maximize their potential online.”