Yes, you should wish for Zhongli in Genshin Impact, and here's why

Gentry of Hermitage banner on Genshin Impact. (Image: miHoYo)
Gentry of Hermitage banner on Genshin Impact. (Image: miHoYo)

The Geo Lord is back!

Genshin Impact fans who missed Zhongli the first time now have a chance to get their hands on him in the latest "Gentry of Hermitage" Character Event Wish.

Given that primogems are scarce unless you're a whale or above, should you be spending them wishing on the Lord of Geo?

Long story short, yes. If you don't have "Vaga Mundo" Zhongli, or have him at Constellation 0, 1, 3, or 5, it's definitely worth getting him, if your primogem budget allows for it. Here's why.

Zhongli got buffed, and tanks everything

For those of you who aren't aware, there was a huge debacle over Zhongli's capabilities when he was first released as a support unit. Fans, especially from China, were upset that the Geo Archon representing the nation of Liyue wasn't god-like enough, so miHoYo buffed him in update 1.3.

They buffed him so hard. From the HP% additional damage to his skill mechanics, the current Zhongli is a tank. Stack him with HP% artifacts (you know, the sort you always get together with DEF%), or perhaps even the upcoming Tenacity of the Millelith set, and your Zhongli becomes almost unkillable.

Geo got buffed

Along with Zhongli, the entire Geo Element had a buff that made Geo characters more viable than ever. What used to be mainly a defensive Geo shield/damage increase synergy became Geo damage shred (in addition to increase shield strength and damage) for those going with Geo resonance.

Further more, Geo shields started to absorb both physical and elemental damage, instead of just Geo damage, allowing Geo teams (especially those with Zhongli) to literally facetank almost all damage in the game.

And with Zhongli's shield and Elemental Burst capabilities, not to mention his buffed Normal Attacks, he can definitely play a key part in any team set up.

Zhongli is friendly for new players

Zhongli's playstyle and versatility make him one of the best 5* characters for new players.

As mentioned earlier, his shield basically makes your team unkillable, allowing you to use glass cannon characters like Gan Yu, Tartaglia or Klee or HP-sacrificing characters like Hu Tao and Xiao without too much worry. It's also very useful when farming the new artifact domain Ridge Watch (hint hint).

With the buffs he got in 1.3, Zhongli is a viable main damage dealer using a physical build, a good burst DPS with a focus more on building his Elemental Burst and Geo damage, or a hybrid or both that can also shield your more vulnerable characters.

His attack rotation doesn't require the more complicated animation cancellations, while his short Elemental Skill cooldown ensures that you'll have your shield up most of the time. Pair him with an energy battery like Albedo or just have some Energy Recharge substats on your artifacts, and you'll also find his Elemental Burst available for use more of often than not.

Both Dominus Lapidis and Planet Befall are quite simple to use and pair with, can get fit in with most team compositions easily. Also, Planet Befall is easily the coolest Bursts in the game, because you literally get to drop a meteor on whichever hilichurl, Fatui agent or treasure hoarder is currently annoying you (shame if you drop it on a slime, shame!).

Zhongli is integral to the story (Spoiler)

If you've not completed the Liyue Archon quest "Chapter I: Act II - Farewell, the Archaic Lord" just yet, turn away, as you've been warned.

With that out of the way, yes, Zhongli plays a huge part in the main storyline, both as the Geo Archon and the living history of Liyue.

His own story quest is easily one of the deepest ones yet in the game, and there's also the new weekly boss, Azhdaha, an ancient dragon sealed by Zhongli and his Adepti friends. Further more, he is one of the lead characters in the next part of the story quest taking place in the 1.5 update.

His character, as the God of Contracts, is an amazingly pragmatic yet endearing personality, paired well with quirks like not understanding the value of money or reminiscing about the past.

His excellent voice actors (Keith Silverstein in English, Tomoaki Maeno in Japanese and Bo Peng in Chinese) make Zhongli an easy choice to recommend when you're just exploring the world of Teyvat.

Overall, Zhongli is probably one of the best, if not best 5* character in the game right now, and players who missed him the first time around now have a chance to get him.

After all, who wouldn't want to hear him talk about Osmanthus wine tasting the same as he remembers...

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