Yanji Seafood Soup: 40-year-old family brand famous for its broth opens Bedok outlet

Seafood soup is the perfect way to warm up both the tummy and the heart. When it’s from a 40-year-old family brand, you know that your food is in good hands. Eastsiders get to celebrate as Yanji Seafood Soup has now opened an outlet at Foodhub@Bedok Central in honour of its late founder, Chia Chioh Koh.

Yanji Seafood Soup - the family and crew
Credit – Yanji Seafood Soup

Their origin story is one peppered with obstacles, and how each was overcome. But second-generation owner Chia Tok Whee is now well on his way to expanding the family brand across the island.

Yanji Seafood Soup’s aim is to provide quality soup with premium ingredients and every order is individually cooked. It’s popular for its powerful broth, which is an intense mix of scallops, ham, pork ribs and old hen that’s slow cooked for up to six hours. The secret to its elevated taste is the addition of minced pork, dried mushroom and dried sole fish… yum!

 Crayfish Seafood Soup
Credit – Yanji Seafood Soup

Diners at the Bedok outlet can look forward to six dishes on the menu. There’s the Premium Seafood Soup (S$32), Crayfish Seafood Soup with Dory, Batang or Red Grouper (S$14, S$16, S$18), Red Grouper Seafood Soup (S$14), Batang Seafood Soup (S$12), Dory Seafood Soup (S$7.50 for small, S$9.50 for medium) and Deep Fried Prawn/Ngoh Hiang (S$8).

prawns and dory toppings
prawns and dory toppings

Their best-seller is the Dory Seafood Soup, and we had the chance to try out the medium-sized version. We were impressed! It was served with three big and juicy prawns along with four minced pork chunks and several pieces of dory.

 dory with minced pork
dory with minced pork

The soup lived up to expectations as it was flavourful, light, and not too intense with the seafood notes. The dory tasted fresh and melted in our mouths, as did the minced pork. The dory is definitely the star ingredient in this dish, with the soup leaving me wanting more.

The price of the Dory Seafood Soup has been kept constant despite rising inflation. The family brand wanted to keep it that way for their loyal customers who relish this scrumptious bowl. To get hit even harder with a taste of the seas, you can choose to have additional toppings that include Abalone (S$4), Scallop (S$2.50) and Red Grouper Slices (4 slices for S$6)

Bedok is looking pretty good to me right now (and thankfully I live just around the corner), so you’ll be sea-ing me down there soon, slurping seafood soup.

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