Yang Zi dismisses top billing issue for upcoming drama with Kris Wu

20 Nov– Chinese actress Yang Zi (also known as Andy Yang) has recently dismissed the issues surrounding her upcoming drama, "A Story of Hairpin".

As reported on Singtao Daily, the issue sparked last week, when it was announced that she will be working alongside pop idol Kris Wu in the new series, which is based on the Ce Ce Qing Han novel, "Memoirs of the Golden Hairpin".

The news triggered heated debate among fans of both sides, with Yang's fans claimed that the actress's name should get top billing due to the fact that the original novel is based on the female lead's perspective. Meanwhile, Kris' fans believes that everything should be done according to the contract both actors signed.

However, when asked about the clashes between the two camps recently, Yang stated that it is not something that is up to the actors, and that such a thing should be resolved by the production instead.

On the other hand, the issue was also further worsened by a blogger identifying as one of the screenwriters of the upcoming adaptation, who claimed that they are writing more scenes for Kris' character - sparking rumours that Kris would get his name listed as the lead.

The studio had since denied this, saying that there is no such person in their scriptwriting team.

(Photo Source: East Ent)