Wu Tsing-fong doesn't want to think about lawsuit

5 Mar – Sodagreen's frontman Wu Tsing-fong recently assured that he is fine despite facing a lawsuit by his former mentor and record label boss, Will Lin.

As reported on Epoch Times, the singer recently took to social media to express his thoughts about the issue, saying that he would rather deal with it calmly rather than go on a war of words with the other party.

"I decided that no matter what happens, I will not fall into sorrow on my own," he said.

Wu also stressed that he would face the lawsuit calmly, and that he will embrace the message of Sodagreen's new song, that "Tomorrow Will Be Fine".

"To think about "how do people change like this", "Have they been faking their kindness?", I don't want to waste my emotions and fall into the trap of feeling so miserable," he added.

The singer stressed that he would rather make more music, read his favourite books and listen to his favourite songs, be with his friends, and to spend more time and emotions on things that make him happy.

It is noted that Lin recently issued a complaint that Wu violated their copyright agreement again by singing his songs at his show without Lin's authorisation.

Lin previously contended that he owns the copyright of 270 songs penned by Wu, and sued the singer after he decided to sing two of Sodagreen's songs during his appearance on the Hunan reality show, "Singer 2019".

Wu parted ways with Lin last year to go independent.

(Photo Source: Wu Tsing-fong Instagram)