Wilber Pan laughs at fans' surprise over weight gain

13 May - Wilber Pan couldn't help but laugh over netizens' comments regarding his weight gain, as he began a concert tour in China recently.

The singer, who appeared in Suzhou for his show recently, shocked many when he seemed to have gained a little bit of weight, which seemed to have made him chubbier in the face and hidden his trademark sharp jawline.

Many took to Weibo to joke about his new appearance, with one saying, "This is not Pan Weibo (Will Pan). This is Pan Weihou (Weight Pan)."

On 9 May, the Taiwanese singer took to Weibo to celebrate the fact that his Chengdu concert tickets were sold out in six seconds.

He also joked about himself and said, "Thank you for everyone's love for Pan Weihou. The tickets were sold out within six seconds. Thank you. I express my heartfelt gratitude for the most profound support."

Wilber then posted a photo of him on stage via IG Story and posted, "So cute!"

Wilber Pan recently kicked off his concert tour
Wilber Pan recently kicked off his concert tour

(Photo Source: Wilber Pan IG, SINA)