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Preeti Nair. (PHOTO: Preetipls Facebook)
Preeti Nair. (PHOTO: Preetipls / Facebook)

SINGAPORE — ICYMI, 25-year-old influencer Preeti Nair, known as her alias Preetipls, recently made headlines when a music video she filmed with her brother Subhas, was taken down from social media. The rap video in which they both had parts, mocked a controversial advertisement, which in turn captured Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam’s attention.

“This rap video insults Chinese Singaporeans, uses four-letter words on Chinese Singaporeans, vulgar gestures, pointing of middle finger – to make minorities angry with Chinese Singaporeans,” he said during a media doorstop.

The 25-year-old influencer first got her taste of fame in 2016, when she released a parody video aiming at another influencer Saffron Sharpe’s “fashion police” videos. Since then, with her humour and sarcasm, Preetipls continued to drive discussions around social change and commentaries surrounding Singapore’s issues.

Who is Preeti Nair and her social persona Preetipls? Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore delves in to find out who she is, and what the influencer has been busying herself with.

Preeti Nair on the cover magazine of Cleo Singapore July/August 2019 issue. (PHOTO: Cleo Singapore)
Preeti Nair on the cover magazine of Cleo Singapore July/August 2019 issue. (PHOTO: Cleo Singapore)

From funny videos to creating content for brands

While she busies herself creating funny videos for her Instagram and YouTube accounts, Preeti hosted the Hot 20 Countdown at 987FM on weekdays, 8pm-12am. She also challenged veteran comedian Kumar on Dream Academy’s Happy Ever Laughter stand-up comedy show in 2018.

She was also featured as a speaker at Marketing’s Content 360 Conference, where she shared her views on why having a voice is important. “Don’t say something for the sake of it. Say something when you have something to say,” she said at the event.

Preeti also revealed she has been working with a number of brands such as the Singapore Tourism Board, Lazada, The Body Shop, Scoot, DBS, Circles.Life, the Singapore Bicentennial Office and most recently with beauty brand Fresh.

Creating rap music with her brother

Preeti dropped her debut track called “Thicc” in October 2018, followed by another single ‘OORU’ in December 2018, which she recorded with her brother Subhas. She intended to release the rest of the album, titled Singapore’s TOP Album, this year.

She lands on the cover magazine of Cleo Singapore

This year, Preetipls appeared on the cover of Cleo Singapore’s July/August 2019 issue. In the interview, she spoke about her persona’s evolution, cyberbullying and prioritising ties with her family and friends.

Before publishing any content live, she looks to her family, best friend and her brother Subhas. She noted that: “I would get them to look through my stuff, and they’d let me know if anything is too much, or if a joke is out of line,” says Preeti.

Seeing that she pokes fun at people who do things in bad taste, she is all too aware that she could unknowingly do the same too.

“The last thing I want to do is be a hypocrite,” said Preeti.

Correction: We wrongly identified the removal of Preetipls cover photo on the Cleo Singapore magazine Facebook page. The cover photo uses Cleo Logo as the profile image on social media.

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