'We're not making a show for children': Liam Cunningham promises more GoT heartbreak

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Liam Cunningham, who plays Ser Davos on HBO's Game of Thrones, in Bangkok. (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)
Liam Cunningham, who plays Ser Davos on HBO’s Game of Thrones, in Bangkok. (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)

Fans of the HBO series Game of Thrones might remember the sight of a heartbroken Ser Davos picking up a wooden toy he had carved from the grave of the girl he had given it to.

It was certainly an emotional scene, but the man who plays the Onion Knight warned of even more heartbreak in the upcoming season, even if he couldn’t give away details.

“We’re not making a show for children,” Liam Cunningham said during an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore and other media in Bangkok on Tuesday (4 April).

“There’s heartbreak every time with the nature of our show, which is about power, about family, paranoia, legacy,” the 55-year-old actor elaborated. “The pursuit of these things leads to disaster, death and destruction.”

“There have certainly been very difficult things [to watch],” he said, adding that there have been “difficult things” every season.

To him, these scenes were what made Game of Thrones “groundbreaking”.

“It’s a challenging show, it should be a challenging show … (the show) is for grown-ups. It’s difficult to predict,” he said, adding that he knew of critics who had been taken by surprise when the show did not hold back with how it portrayed scenes involving the death of children.

“It doesn’t patronise, it doesn’t condescend, it doesn’t belittle its audience,” said Cunningham, who has played Ser Davos since Season 2. “You’re expected to sit there, take the phone off the hook, and not do your ironing or cooking while watching.”

“Everything should stop when you watch this show because it’s so complicated and detailed.”

Ser Davos’ end?

While Cunningham did not reveal much plot details, he did talk about how he would prefer his character to go out in the show.

“I’d like him to die of old age. I’d like him to retire to Dorne, drink lots of Dornish wine and ruin his liver,” the actor said to laughs from the gathered audience.

He admitted that he and the other actors would sit down and discuss the plot lines of the show, such as who might finally take the Iron Throne.

“I still don’t know if I’m going to be killed. I haven’t a clue, but you can drive yourself mad speculating about it, because we don’t have the information.

Cunningham was in Bangkok to promote the launch of HBO on a new platform in Thailand. While there, he also took time off to visit various landmarks. He even got around to having a taste of Bangkok’s famous fried bugs, including scorpions, crickets and maggots.

Game of Thrones will return to TV on HBO on July 17, lasting seven episodes instead of the usual ten.

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