Warabimochi Kamakura: Popular Japanese chain opens new outlet at Orchard

Infamous for its long snaking queues at their original One Holland Village outlet, Warabimochi Kamakura has opened a second location at Taste Orchard. With both Singapore outlets being the only ones in Southeast Asia, Warabimochi Kamakura is a popular household name as it has over 50 outlets in Japan

Warabimochi Kamakura -Storefront and interior of Warabimochi Kamakura
Warabimochi Kamakura -Storefront and interior of Warabimochi Kamakura

If you were afraid to brave the crowds at One Holland Village, here is your chance to try these highly sought-after desserts. 

Although both outlets are limited to 2 boxes of Warabimochi and 2 drinks per person, the waiting time at Taste Orchard is described to be more manageable as one can queue up to 30 minutes or more at One Holland Village

What’s the hype all about? 

The popular Japanese chain began operations in 1991, specialising in warabimochi, a type of mochi made from warabiko (bracken starch) which has a light and silky smooth texture compared to regular mochi.

All warabimochi servings are generously coated with the chain’s recognisable roasted kinako (soybean powder) and drizzled with kuromistu syrup made from authentic Okinawa brown sugar. Additionally, most drinks are topped with fresh whipped cream that is made on-site daily

Sold? You can purchase their signature hand-cut Warabimochi in boxes of 5 and 10 pieces (from S$7.90). Alternatively, those who prefer to snack on the go can enjoy Warabimochi Cups (from S$3.90) which are served with or without ice cream

Give their classic warabimochi drinks a try too! Warabimochi Kamakura is one of the first dessert chains to introduce the warabimochi dessert-drink combo, which infuses classic beverage flavours topped with warabimochi pieces rather than tapioca pearls. Best-selling flavours include Asakawa-en Matcha (from S$5.90), Coffee Milk (from S$5.90), Tenku No Hojicha (from S$5.90) and Strawberry Yogurt (from S$7.70).

Warabimochi Kamakura - Lemonade Drink Series

Be sure to quench your thirst with their new Lemonade Drink Series. Available at both outlets, Matcha Lemonade (from S$5.90) and Lemonade (from S$5.90) add a refreshing twist to their usual warabimochi drinks. 

Unlike Warabimochi Kamakura’s first location which just had a takeaway kiosk, its new outlet at Orchard has a seating area that can accommodate around 32 customers! 

It appears that Warabimochi Kamakura’s plans for expansion are not slowing down. Word on the street is that a flagship outlet with exclusive menu items will open at Ngee Ann City soon. 

It’s time for you to find out if this warabimochi hype is worth the buzz. 

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