Wany Hasrita will give birth in Kuala Lumpur

9 May – Wany Hasrita recently revealed that she will be giving birth to her baby in Kuala Lumpur and not in Sarawak as reported earlier.

The singer, whose husband is hailed from and now working in Kuching, Sarawak, stated that she and her husband, Mohd Al-Adib Fahmi, had discussed the issue, and decided that she should be closer to the rest of the family.

"Originally, I was to give birth in Kuching since it would be easier for my husband not to take too long of a break from work. But then, he was able to get a month off, so that means he would be able to look after me throughout that period," she said.

Wany stated that her pregnancy was made easier by the help of her mother, since Adib is not always around due to his work.

"Everything depends on you yourself. I have taught myself from the start that this pregnancy will neither be easy nor hard, so whenever things get hard, I will try to make it easy," she said.

As to whether she will move to Kuching to be closer to her husband, Wany said that that would be a tough question to answer.

"We can always plan, but life has its own plans," she said, though added that there is a possibility that she and her baby might routinely visit him in Sarawak in the future.

Wany married Adib, who is a pilot based in Kuching, back in 2022. The two were revealed to have been introduced by Wany's best friend back in 2019.

Wany was seen at Nabila Razali's Eid event
Wany was seen at Nabila Razali's Eid event

(Photo Source: Wany Hasrita IG)