Wang Xiaofei announces marriage

27 May – After telling followers that he plans to marry Taiwanese model Mandy this year, entrepreneur Wang Xiaofei recently announced to confirm that he will indeed be getting married.

On 25 May, Wang shared the news when he went live with fans, saying, "Starting from next week, I am married. Starting from Monday (27 May), we will go to Shanghai."

Going to Shanghai in this case meant that the couple will be obtaining their marriage certificate in the city.

Wang was extremely elated during the live event
Wang was extremely elated during the live event

Wang said that many people asked him why he hadn't married yet after being engaged for "such a long time", and stated that he would never fool people.

"I will be taking my family out to have fun on the weekend," he added.

It was back in March that Wang, who was previously married to Barbie Hsu, announced that he has successfully proposed to Mandy, writing online, "My wife is from Taipei. She accepted my proposal today. I still love Taiwan, and I love Mandy more."

(Photo Source: Oriental Daily)