Wang Feng's new girlfriend addresses rumours about her

24 May - After Wang Feng confirmed their relationship online, his new girlfriend Li Qiao recently took to social media to address several allegations against her.

In a video she shared on 21 May, the 34-year-old stated that a lot of rumours have been going around about herself, from her supposedly having had cosmetic surgery to being Wang's mistress.

In regard of cosmetic surgery, Li, who revealed that she works in the cultural tourism industry, stated that she had only orthodontic treatment in 2019 and nothing else, and that appearances changed as one gets older.

As for rumours of divorce and being a mistress, Li said, "Like most girls, I experienced marriage, childbirth, compromise and struggles in life in the past ten years, and finally got a divorce peacefully."

She also echoed Wang's previous statement, that they met in October last year for a work project and that they only started dating in the beginning of the year.

"As there were too many false rumours online, my life and career have been affected and I had to cancel several jobs," she said. "In the future, I will be more cautious in taking on the responsibilities of a public figure, continue to do charity, and be a person worthy of everyone's love."

Li said she only had orthodontic treatment
Li said she only had orthodontic treatment

(Photo Source: SETN)