Wahid Satay passed away at 93




22 May – Legendary comedy man Wahid Satay has recently passed away.

The news was shared by his good friend Rusedah Tawahid in Singapore, saying that the actor breathed his last in the family home in Singapore this morning (22nd May).

"As you know, he had been ailing and weak due to his age. But I am unsure the cause of his passing," said Rusedah.

Meanwhile, granddaughter Mahirah stated that Wahid struggled with diabetes and heart problem during his life, and was even hospitalised last month due to an infection on his toe.

"He seemed fine coming back from the hospital, and was happy to spend time with his children and grandchildren," she said.

Born Abdul Wahid bin Haji Ahmad in Riau in 1930, the actor made his debut in the 1957 movie "Pontianak", but earned his moniker from his hit 1958 movie, "Satay", co-starring then child actor Aiddie Ali.

Known for his comedy movies and called "Jerry Lewis of Malaya", the actor starred in various films throughout his career including "Che Mamat Parang Tumpul", "Lela Satria", "Dua Kali Lima" and "Masuk Angin Keluar Asap".

His last film was the 2005 movie, "Senario XX".

He was 93.



Wahid Satay in the movie 'Pontianak'
Wahid Satay in the movie 'Pontianak'



(Photo Source: Berita Harian SG, mStar)