Viewdee Thai Bistro and Bar brings Thailand’s street food market spread to you

After the announcement of Golden Mile Complex closing, I almost thought that there wouldn’t be another place that offers the myriad of Thai cuisine as the mall does. With the opening of Viewdee Thai Bistro and Bar comes a potential of creating a new and improved “Little Thailand” that mimics Bangkok’s famous night markets.

Viewdee Thai Bistro & Bar 2

Situated at Sprout Hub at Henderson Road, the Thai bistro takes over the now-defunct Henderson Secondary School, locating itself in its then-canteen. It preserved the original layout of the canteen and just like how stalls in night markets deck neon lights in their stalls, the tenants at Viewdee Thai Bistro and Bar do so as well.

What we know is that the Mediacorp actor, Chew Chor Meng, opened this Thai bistro with 2 of his friends. Already owning several businesses like 888 Mookata as well, it seems like he has a liking for Thai cuisine and culture.

Viewdee Thai Bistro & Bar 1

Decorated with neon store headers and decked with fairy lights, I almost thought that this was Thailand. Their interior includes lanterns and small bar seats for the photogenic to snap pictures while pretending they are in Bangkok.

Viewdee Thai Bistro & Bar 3
Viewdee Thai Bistro & Bar 6

They also have neon headers that enable the drinkers, saying “no drunk no go home”. Clearly, you aren’t going to have an easy time heading back because of their interesting line-up of drinks. Their special Beer Gao features a hybrid of stout and beer, so those who are a lover of both should totally try this.

Although some of their stalls are still unoccupied at the moment, what they already have is super exciting. From flaming pork knuckles to fish head steamboats, they really know how to appeal to the crowd with a grandeur spread.

Viewdee Thai Bistro & Bar 4

The Flaming Pork Knuckle (S$36.80) is literally served in flames to you on a wooden platter. Pair it with a pint for a delightful and refreshing experience. This is definitely an experience that would be a talk of the town with your friends!

Of course, they also have regular dishes like Pad Thai, my ever-favourite Thai Omelette, and Prawn Vermicelli. They also have street food dishes like Moo Ping, Oysters and Beef Skewers.

This serves as good news to us all. Thinking about a new space to hang-out with your friends over a couple of drinks? Try out Viewdee Thai Bistro and Bar next!

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