Vanda Lee grateful to be a part of "Ip Man 4"

21 Nov– Newcomer Vanda Lee was grateful to be given the opportunity to work in such a great project as "Ip Man 4" as her first movie ever.

As reported on Mingpao, the 16-year-old actress, who joined the cast of the fourth movie about the legendary martial artist Ip Man, shared that she practised Tai Chi day and night for months after being cast in the said movie in order to show how serious she is about being in the film.

"It was very tough doing action scenes. I would find different bruises on my body every day. I was even slapped in one scene. Although the director said that it looked good, everybody started to panic when my nose suddenly bled," she said, light-heartedly.

In addition to the fight scenes, Vanda said that she also had to perform cheerleading in the movie, despite having no experience whatsoever in that particular area.

"I was able to pick it up quickly because I studied dance. I practised with girls who already knew the routine and really enjoyed it that I even had the urge to join a cheerleading team in real life," she enthused.

Vanda also sang praises for action director Yuen Woo-ping, saying that the latter was like a grandfather to her.

"He was great. He would personally perform the stunts for all of us actors," she said.

As for working with the great Donnie Yen, the actress stated that the actor was very friendly towards everybody.

"He is so good with wing chun, it was as if he was born to do it. I love his portrayal of Ip Man," she added.

(Photo Source: Oriental Daily)