Vanda Lee gains attention for her role in "Ip Man 4"

24 Dec – Aside from Donnie Yen himself, it can be said that young actress Vanda Lee (Vanda Margraf) has also attracted audiences' attention with her performance in the new martial arts film, "Ip Man 4: The Finale".

As reported on Oriental Daily, the 16-year-old, who plays Yonah, the daughter of Wan Zonghua (Wu Yue) and a second generation Chinese immigrant in San Francisco, shared that she hopes to provide strength and courage to everybody in facing adversity through her character, who faces many challenges including school bullying.

She also described her character as empowering, adding, "If she likes something, she would do it. I really like her personality. She is very powerful."

Speaking about her preparation for the role, Vanda said that she underwent a lot of training - from tai chi to cheerleading.

"I hope to learn new skills in each and every one of my projects," she added.

According to sources, Vanda was signed by Wong Kar Wai to his Jet Tone Production back when she was 15 and is set to work on many more film projects in the coming year.